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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Open Market Operations as a Monetary Policy Shock Measure in a Quantitative Business Cycle ModelHeer, Burkhard; Schabert, Andreas
2001 Interest rate policy and the price puzzle in a quantitative business cycle modelSchabert, Andreas
2002 Does broad money matter for interest rate policy?Br├╝ckner, Matthias; Schabert, Andreas
2004 Inflation dynamics and the cost channel of monetary transmissionChowdhury, Ibrahim; Hoffmann, Mathias; Schabert, Andreas
2004 On the Relevance of Open Market OperationsSchabert, Andreas
2005 Discretionary policy, multiple equilibria, and monetary instrumentsSchabert, Andreas
2005 Money demand and macroeconomic stability revisitedSchabert, Andreas; Stoltenberg, Christian
2005 Money supply and the implementation of interest rate targetsSchabert, Andreas
2005 Money Supply and the Implementation of Interest Rate TargetsSchabert, Andreas
2005 Discretionary Policy, Multiple Equilibria, and Monetary InstrumentsSchabert, Andreas
2005 Debt Non-Neutrality, Policy Interactions, and Macroeconomic StabilityLinnemann, Ludger; Schabert, Andreas
2005 Productive Government Expenditure in Monetary Business Cycle ModelsLinnemann, Ludger; Schabert, Andreas
2005 Money demand and macroeconomic stability revisitedSchabert, Andreas; Stoltenberg, Christian
2006 Distortionary taxation, debt, and the price levelSchabert, Andreas; von Thadden, Leopold
2006 Debt, Deficits, and Destabilizing Monetary Policy in Open EconomiesSchabert, Andreas; van Wijnbergen, Sweder
2006 Central Bank Instruments, Fiscal Policy Regimes, and the Requirements for Equilibrium DeterminacySchabert, Andreas
2008 Federal Reserve Policy viewed through a Money Supply LossChowdhury, Ibrahim; Schabert, Andreas
2008 Optimal Government Spending and UnemploymentLinnemann, Ludger; Schabert, Andreas
2009 Default Risk Premia on Government Bonds in a Quantitative Macroeconomic ModelJuessen, Falko; Linnemann, Ludger; Schabert, Andreas
2009 Monetary Policy under a Fiscal Theory of Sovereign DefaultSchabert, Andreas