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1998Does a third bound help? Parametric and nonparametric welfare measures from a CV interval data studyScarpa, Riccardo; Bateman, Ian J.
1999Valuing the Recreational Benefits From the Creation of Nature Reserves in Irish ForestsScarpa, Riccardo; Chilton, Susan M.; Hutchinson, W. George; Buongiorno, Joseph
1999Estimating WTP for speed reduction from dichotomous-choice CV responses with follow-up: The case of rural trunk roadsScarpa, Riccardo; Willis, Ken; Garrods, Guy
2000Modelling zero bids in contingent valuation surveysStrazzera, Elisabetta; Scarpa, Riccardo; Calia, Pinuccia; Garrod, Guy; Willis, Ken
2000Reliability of benefit value transfers from contingent valuation data with forest-specific attributesScarpa, Riccardo; Hutchinson, George W.; Chilton, Sue M.
2000Willingness to pay for rural landscape preservation: A case study in Mediterranean agricultureCicia, Gianni; Scarpa, Riccardo
2000Estimating the benefits of traffic calming on through routes: A choice expermiment approachGarrod, Guy D.; Scarpa, Riccardo; Willis, Ken G.
2001The effect of protest votes on the estimates of willingness to pay for use values of recreational sitesStrazzera, Elisabetta; Genius, Margarita; Scarpa, Riccardo; Hutchinson, George
2001Valuing indigenous cattle breeds in Kenya: An empirical comparison of stated and revealed preference value estimatesScarpa, Riccardo; Kristjanson, P.; Drucker, Adam; Radeny, M.; Ruto, E. S. K.; Rege, J. E. O.
2001Valuing animal genetic resources in peasant economies: The case of the box keken creole pig in YukatanScarpa, Riccardo; Drucker, Adam; Anderson, Simon; Ferraes-Ehuan, Nancy; Gomez, Veronica
2001Valuing local public goods with advanced stated preference models: Traffic calming schemes in Northern EnglandScarpa, Riccardo; Garrod, Guy D.; Willis, Kenneth G.
2004Tourism and Economic Growth in Latin American Countries: A Panel Data ApproachEugenio-Martín, Juan Luis; Morales, Noelia Martín; Scarpa, Riccardo
2004Destination Choice Models for Rock Climbing in the Northeast Alps: A Latent-Class Approach Based on Intensity of ParticipationScarpa, Riccardo; Thiene, Mara
2004Comparing Individual-Specific Benefit Estimates for Public Goods: Finite Versus Continuous Mixing in Logit ModelsScarpa, Riccardo; Willis, Kenneth G.; Acutt, Melinda
2005Protection Motivation Theory and Contingent Valuation: Perceived Realism, Threat and WTP Estimates for Biodiversity ProtectionScarpa, Riccardo; Menzel, Susanne
2006Lexicographic Preferences in Discrete Choice Experiments: Consequences on Individual-Specific Willingness to Pay EstimatesCampbell, Danny; Hutchinson, W. George; Scarpa, Riccardo
2006Using Discrete Choice Experiments to Derive Individual-Specific WTP Estimates for Landscape Improvements under Agri-Environmental Schemes: Evidence from the Rural Environment Protection Scheme in IrelandCampbell, Danny; Hutchinson, W. George; Scarpa, Riccardo
2008Choice set awareness and ordering effects in discrete choice experiments in discrete choice experimentsBateman, Ian J.; Carson, Richard T.; Day, Brett; Dupont, Diane; Louviere, Jordan J.; Morimoto, Sanae; Scarpa, Riccardo; Wang, Paul
2009Task independence in stated preference studies: A test of order effect explanationsDay, Brett; Bateman, Ian J.; Carson, Richard T.; Dupont, Diane; Louviere, Jordan J.; Morimoto, Sanae; Scarpa, Riccardo; Wang, Paul
2018Periurban Agriculture: do the Current EU Agri-environmental Policy Programmes Fit with it?Arata, Linda; Guastella, Gianni; Pareglio, Stefano; Scarpa, Riccardo; Sckokai, Paolo