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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1988 Dynamic Monopolist's Behavio and Consumer LearningScarpa, Carlo
1988 La determinazione della struttura di mercato in recenti modelli di oligopolio: competizioni tecnologiche e differenziazione del prodottoDelbono, Flavio; Scarpa, Carlo
1988 Brand Extensions and Entry DeterrenceJu Choi, Chang; Scarpa, Carlo
1990 Strategic Industrial Policies When Firm Has Bargaining PowerScarpa, Carlo
1990 Pareto Inefficient Horizontal Mergers in Mixed OligopoliesDelbono, Flavio; Scarpa, Carlo
1990 Rapporto tra Banche e Imprese e concorrenza internazionale: un'analisi teoricaBasevi, Giorgio; Scarpa, Carlo
1991 The Transformation of Labour Managed Monopoly: Competition Policy Versus Mixed FirmsRossini, Gianpaolo; Scarpa, Carlo
1991 Quality Choice in a Vertically Differentiated Mixed DuopolyDelbono, Flavio; Denicolò, Vincenzo; Scarpa, Carlo
1991 Upward Sloping Reaction Functions under Quantity Competition in Mixed OligopoliesDelbono, Flavio; Scarpa, Carlo
1992 Bertrand Vs. Cournot: An Evolutionary ApproachSacco, Pier Luigi; Scarpa, Carlo
1997 The theory of quality regulation and self-regulation: Towards an application to financial marketsScarpa, Carlo
1998 Critical mass effect and restructuring in the transition towards a market economySacco, Pier Luigi; Scarpa, Carlo
1999 Non-intrinsic common agencyCalzolari, Giacomo; Scarpa, Carlo
1999 Minimum quality standards and predatory behaviourLambertini, Luca; Scarpa, Carlo
1999 Minimum Quality Standards and Predatory BehaviourLambertini, Luca; Scarpa, Carlo
2000 Why do governments sell privatised companies abroad?Bortolotti, Bernardo; Fantini, Marcella; Scarpa, Carlo
2001 Regulation at home, competition abroad: A theoretical frameworkCalzolari, Giacomo; Scarpa, Carlo
2001 Incentives to (Irreversible) Investments Under Different Regulatory RegimesScarpa, Carlo; Panteghini, Paolo
2003 Irreversible Investments and Regulatory RiskPanteghini, Paolo M.; Scarpa, Carlo
2003 Investment Size and Firm's Value Under Profit Sharing RegulationMoretto, Michele; Panteghini, Paolo M.; Scarpa, Carlo