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2012Choice, price and service characteristics in the Irish broadband marketLyons, Seán; Savage, Michael
2013Inequality in Europe: What can be done? What should be done?Franzini, Maurizio; Raitano, Michele; Callan, Tim; Nolan, Brian; Keane, Claire; Savage, Michael; Walsh, John R.; Bosch, Gerhard; Bonhomme, Stéphane; Hospido, Laura; Marx, Ive
2013Smoking outside: The effect of the Irish workplace smoking ban on smoking prevalence among the employedSavage, Michael
2013Crisis, Response and Distributional Impact: The Case of IrelandCallan, Tim; Nolan, Brian; Keane, Claire; Savage, Michael; Walsh, John R.
2014Crisis, response and distributional impact: The case of IrelandCallan, Tim; Nolan, Brian; Keane, Claire; Savage, Michael; Walsh, John R.
2014Crisis-induced fiscal restructuring in EuropeAlcidi, Cinzia; Gros, Daniel; Giovannini, Alessandro; Vogel, Lukas; Belke, Ansgar; Callan, Tim; Keane, Claire; Savage, Michael; Walsh, John R.; Colgan, Brian
2015Which households matter most? Capturing equity considerations in tax reform via generalised social marginal welfare weightsMadden, David; Savage, Michael
2015The Great Recession, austerity and inequality: Evidence from IrelandSavage, Michael; Callan, Tim; Nolan, Brain; Colgan, Brain
2015Modelling the Impact of Direct and Indirect Taxes Using Complementary DatasetsSavage, Michael; Callan, Tim
2015Modelling the impact of direct and indirect taxes using complementary datasetsSavage, Michael; Callan, Tim
2016Poorest made poorer? Decomposing income losses at the bottom of the income distribution during the Great RecessionSavage, Michael
2017Do youth access control policies stop young people smoking? Evidence from IrelandSavage, Michael
2018Inequality in EU crisis countries: How effective were automatic stabilisers?Callan, Tim; Doorley, Karina; Savage, Michael
2018Inequality in EU Crisis Countries: How Effective Were Automatic Stabilisers?Callan, Tim; Doorley, Karina; Savage, Michael
2019Housing Assistance Payment: Potential impacts on financial incentives to workRoantree, Barra; Callan, Tim; Savage, Michael; Walsh, John
2019An initial evaluation of the effectiveness of Intreo activation reformsKelly, Elish; McGuinness, Séamus; Redmond, Paul; Savage, Michael; Walsh, John