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2002 Doctors Without Borders: The Returns to an Occupational License for Soviet Immigrant Physicians in IsraelKugler, Adriana D.; Sauer, Robert M.
2002 Educational financing and lifetime earningsSauer, Robert M.
2006 The labor market costs of conflict: closures, foreign workers, and Palestinian employment and earningsMiaari, Sami H.; Sauer, Robert M.
2006 Classification error in dynamic discrete choice models: implications for female labor supply behaviorKeane, Michael P.; Sauer, Robert M.
2006 Life cycle employment and fertility across institutional environmentsDel Boca, Daniela; Sauer, Robert M.
2007 Why develop open source software? The role of non-pecuniary benefits, monetary rewards and open source licence typeSauer, Robert M.
2009 A computationally practical simulation estimation algorithm for dynamic panel data models with unobserved endogenous state variablesKeane, Michael P.; Sauer, Robert M.
2012 Does it pay for women to volunteer?Sauer, Robert M.
2013 Does It Pay to Work for Free? Wage Returns and Gender Differences in the Market for VolunteersCozzi, Guido; Mantovan, Noemi; Sauer, Robert M.
2015 The Rise of Female Entrepreneurs: New Evidence on Gender Differences in Liquidity ConstraintsSauer, Robert M.; Wilson, Tanya
2017 Indirect Inference with Importance Sampling: An Application to Women's Wage GrowthSauer, Robert M.; Taber, Christopher
2018 The dynamics of domestic violence: Learning about the matchAnderberg, Dan; Mantovan, Noemi; Sauer, Robert M.
2018 The Dynamics of Domestic Violence: Learning about the MatchAnderberg, Dan; Mantovan, Noemi; Sauer, Robert M.
2019 The Economic Benefits of Volunteering and Social ClassSauer, Robert M.; Wilson, John; Mantovan, Noemi
2020 Child Health, Remote Work and the Female Wage PenaltyKouki, Amairisa; Sauer, Robert M.