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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Organization adjustments, job training and productivity: Evidence from Japanese automobile makersAriga, Kenn; Kurosawa, Masako; Ohtake, Fumio; Sasaki, Masaru; Yamane, Shoko
2012 Wage growth through job hopping in ChinaAriga, Kenn; Ohtake, Fumio; Sasaki, Masaru; Wu, Zheren
2012 Is longer unemployment rewarded with longer job tenure?Kohara, Miki; Sasaki, Masaru; Machikita, Tomohiro
2012 An experimental test of a committee search modelHizen, Yoichi; Kawata, Keisuke; Sasaki, Masaru
2012 Horizontal transfer and promotion: New evidence and an interpretation from the perspective of task-specific human capitalSasaki, Masaru; Takii, Katsuya; Wan, Junmin
2013 Corporate Sports Activity and Work Morale: Evidence from a Japanese Automobile MakerSasaki, Masaru; Ohtake, Fumio
2013 The Effect of Extended Unemployment Benefit on the Job Finding Hazards: A Quasi-Experiment in JapanMachikita, Tomohiro; Kohara, Miki; Sasaki, Masaru
2014 The long-term impact of the 1995 Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake on wage distributionOhtake, Fumio; Okuyama, Naoko; Sasaki, Masaru; Yasui, Kengo
2014 The Long-term Impact of the 1995 Hanshin–Awaji Earthquake on Wage DistributionOhtake, Fumio; Okuyama, Naoko; Sasaki, Masaru; Yasui, Kengo
2014 An Experimental Test of a Search Model under AmbiguityAsano, Takao; Okudaira, Hiroko; Sasaki, Masaru
2015 Employment and Hours over the Business Cycle in a Model with Search FrictionsKudoh, Noritaka; Miyamoto, Hiroaki; Sasaki, Masaru
2017 Committee Search with Ex-ante Heterogeneous Agents: Theory and Experimental EvidenceInukai, Keigo; Kawata, Keisuke; Sasaki, Masaru
2018 Measuring Customer Discrimination: Evidence from the Professional Cricket League in IndiaSur, Pramod Kumar; Sasaki, Masaru
2019 Testing the Reference-Dependent Model: A Laboratory Search ExperimentMiura, Takahiro; Inukai, Keigo; Sasaki, Masaru
2020 Can Childcare Benefits Increase Maternal Employment? Evidence from Childcare Benefits Policy in JapanAsakawa, Shinsuke; Sasaki, Masaru