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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 The European Unemployment DilemmaLjungqvist, Lars; Sargent, Thomas J.
2000 Escaping Nash inflationCho, In-Koo; Sargent, Thomas J.
2003 Bayesian fan charts for UK inflation: Forecasting and sources of uncertainty in an evolving monetary systemCogley, Timothy W.; Morozov, Sergei; Sargent, Thomas J.
2003 Drifts and volatilities: monetary policies and outcomes in the post WWII U.S.Cogley, Timothy; Sargent, Thomas J.
2003 Impacts of priors on convergence and escapes from Nash inflationSargent, Thomas J.; Williams, Noah
2005 The conquest of U.S. inflation: learning and robustness to model uncertaintyCogley, Timothy; Sargent, Thomas J.
2005 Anticipated utility and rational expectations as approximations of Bayesian decision makingCogley, Timothy W.; Sargent, Thomas J.
2005 The market price of risk and the equity premiumCogley, Timothy W.; Sargent, Thomas J.
2005 Recursive robust estimation and control without commitmentHansen, Lars Peter; Sargent, Thomas J.
2008 Monetary policies and low-frequency manifestations of the quantity theorySargent, Thomas J.; Surico, Paolo
2010 Fragile beliefs and the price of uncertaintyHansen, Lars Peter; Sargent, Thomas J.
2012 Welfare cost of business cycles in economies with individual consumption riskEllison, Martin; Sargent, Thomas J.
2015 A case for incomplete marketsBlume, Lawrence E.; Cogley, Timothy; Easley, David A.; Sargent, Thomas J.; Tsyrennikov, Viktor