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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Globalisation and the reform of European social models: Background document for the presentation at ECOFIN Informal Meeting in Manchester, 9 September 2005Sapir, André
2006 Last exit to LisbonPisani-Ferry, Jean; Sapir, André
2006 Current issues in evaluating structural reforms within the Lisbon Process: Comments and recommendations about the Lisbon Methodology (LIME) Working GroupSapir, André
2006 The EU and the governance of globalisationAhearne, Alan; Pisani-Ferry, Jean; Sapir, André; Véron, Nicolas
2006 Some ideas for reforming the community anti-dumping instrumentSapir, André
2007 Europe's future after the European Council meeting of June 2007: A panel discussionBordignon, Massimo; Gros, Daniel; Roland, Gérard; Sapir, André; Widgrén, Mika
2008 Government size and output volatility: Should we forsake automatic stabilisation?Debrun, Xavier; Pisani-Ferry, Jean; Sapir, André
2009 Banking crisis management in the EU: An interim assessmentPisani-Ferry, Jean; Sapir, André
2009 Weathering the storm. Fair-weather versus stormy-weather governance in the euro areaPisani-Ferry, Jean; Sapir, André
2010 The role of state aid control in improving bank resolution in EuropeDewatripont, Mathias; Nguyen, Gregory; Praet, Peter; Sapir, André
2010 Drivers and impediments for innovation in EuropeBianchi, Annaflavia; Pini, Paolo; Djellal, Faridah; Gallouj, Faïz; Roth, Felix; Dewatripont, Mathias; Sapir, André; van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, Bruno; Veugelers, Reinhilde; Blind, Knut; Georghiou, Luke
2010 Challenges facing European Monetary UnionLachman, Desmond; De Grauwe, Paul; Kösters, Wim; Mabbett, Deborah; Schelkle, Waltraud; Matthes, Jürgen; Pisani-Ferry, Jean; Sapir, André; Häde, Ulrich; Gros, Daniel; Mayer, Thomas
2010 The internationalization process of firms: From exports to FDI?Conconi, Paola; Sapir, André; Zanardi, Maurizio
2010 Boosting innovation in EuropeDewatripont, Mathias; van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, Bruno; Sapir, André; Veugelers, Reinhilde
2011 Eastern European lessons for the southern MediterraneanSapir, André; Zachmann, Georg
2011 A comprehensive approach to the euro-area debt crisis: Background calculationsDarvas, Zsolt; Gouardo, Christophe; Pisani-Ferry, Jean; Sapir, André
2011 The international monetary systerm is changing : What opportunities and risks for the Euro?Angeloni, Ignazio; Sapir, André
2011 A Comprehensive Approach to the Euro-Area Debt CrisisDarvas, Zsolt; Pisani-Ferry, Jean; Sapir, André
2012 What kind of European banking union?Pisani-Ferry, Jean; Sapir, André; Véron, Nicolas; Wolff, Guntram B.
2012 Forbearance, resolution and deposit insuranceHellwig, Martin F.; Sapir, André; Pagano, Marco; Acharya, Viral V.; Balcerowicz, Leszek; Boot, Arnoud; Brunnermeier, Markus K.; Buch, Claudia; van den Burg, Ieke; Calomiris, Charles; Gros, Daniel; Focarelli, Dario; Giovannini, Alberto; Ittner, Andreas; Schoenmaker, Dirk; Wyplosz, Charles