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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1993Determinanti della formazione di imprese nei servizi alla produzione in ItaliaPiergiovanni, Roberta; Santarelli, Enrico
1994Analysing Literature-Based Innovation Output Indicators: The Italian ExperienceSantarelli, Enrico; Piergiovanni, Roberta
1996Start-Up size and Post-Entry Performance: The Case of Tourism Services in ItalySantarelli, Enrico
1997R&S e Competitività internazionale nell'industria manifatturiera europea: un'analisi settorialePantiglioni, Barbara; Santarelli, Enrico
1997Patterns of new firm Survival and Growth in the Italian Financial Intermediation IndustrySantarelli, Enrico
1998Patents and the Geographic Localization of R&D Spillovers in French ManufacturingSantarelli, Enrico; Piergiovanni, Roberta
1999Does Gibrat's Law Hold in the Case of Young, Small Firms?Lotti, Francesca; Santarelli, Enrico; Vivarelli, Marco
2000The Role of Subsidies in Promoting Italian Joint Ventures in Least Developed and Transition EconomicsSantarelli, Enrico; Navaretti, Giorgio Barba; Vivarelli, Marco
2000Innovative Output, Infra-Industry Spilloves, and R&D Cooperation: Theory and EvidenceLambertini, Luca; Lotti, Francesca; Santarelli, Enrico
2001Industry Dynamics and the Distiribution of Firm Sizes: A Non-Parametric ApporoachLotti, Francesca; Santarelli, Enrico
2001The Diffusion of E-commerce at the Firm Level: Theoretical Implications and Empirical EvidenceSantarelli, Enrico; D'Altri, Samuele
2002Does Globalization Reduce Poverty? Some Empirical Evidence for the Developing CountriesFighini, Paolo; Santarelli, Enrico
2002The Survival of Family Firms: The Importance of Control and Family TiesLotti, Francesca; Santarelli, Enrico
2002The post-entry size adjustment of new small firmsLotti, Francesca; Santarelli, Enrico; Vivarelli, Marco
2003The Skill Bias Effect of Technological and Organisational Change: Evidenceand Policy ImplicationsPiva, Mariacristina; Santarelli, Enrico; Vivarelli, Marco
2003Gibrat's Law and Market Selection in the Radio, TV & Telecommunications Equipment IndustryLotti, Francesca; Santarelli, Enrico; Vivarelli, Marco
2003The skill bias effect of technological and organisational change : evidence and policy implicationsPiva, Mariacristina; Santarelli, Enrico; Vivarelli, Marco
2004Technological and Organizational Changes as Determinants of the Skill Bias: Evidence from a Panel of Italian FirmsPiva, Mariacristina; Santarelli, Enrico; Vivarelli, Marco
2004Gibrat's Law and Market SelectionLotti, Francesca; Santarelli, Enrico; Vivarelli, Marco
2004Patents and the Technological Performance of District Firms Evidence for the Emilia-Romagna Region of ItalySantarelli, Enrico