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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 On the usefulness of government spending in the EU areaMarattin, Luigi; Salotti, Simone
2009 The Response of Private Consumption to Different Public Spending Categories: VAR Evidence from UKMarattin, Luigi; Salotti, Simone
2009 A Note on Productivity and Per Capita GDP Growth: the Role of the Forgotten FactorsMarattin, Luigi; Salotti, Simone
2010 The Euro-dividend: public debt and interest rates in the Monetary UnionMarattin, Luigi; Salotti, Simone
2010 Consumption Multipliers of Different Types of Public Spending: a Structural Vector Error Correction Analysis for the UKMarattin, Luigi; Salotti, Simone
2011 Fiscal shocks, public debt, and long-term interest rate dynamicsMarattin, Luigi; Paesani, Paolo; Salotti, Simone
2018 The third pillar of the Investment Plan for Europe: An impact assessment using the RHOMOLO modelChristensen, Martin; Conte, Andrea; Di Pietro, Filippo; Lecca, Patrizio; Mandras, Giovanni; Salotti, Simone
2019 Upward pressure on wages and the interregional trade spillover effects under demand-side shocksLecca, Patrizio; Christensen, Martin; Conte, Andrea; Mandras, Giovanni; Salotti, Simone
2019 The RHOMOLO-IO modelling framework: A flexible Input-Output tool for policy analysisMandras, Giovanni; Conte, Andrea; Salotti, Simone
2020 Regional economic resilience in the European Union: A numerical general equilibrium analysisDi Pietro, Filippo; Lecca, Patrizio; Salotti, Simone
2020 Economic modelling to evaluate smart specialisation: An analysis on research and innovation targets in Southern EuropeBarbero, Javier; Diukanova, Olga; Gianelle, Carlo; Salotti, Simone; Santoalha, Artur
2020 The importance of studying inter-regional spillover effects of European policies: Application of the RHOMOLO model for PolandLecca, Patrizio; Salotti, Simone; Conte, Andrea