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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Decomposing World Health InequalityPradhan, Menno; Sahn, David E.; Younger, Stephen D.
2004 Urban-Rural Inequality in Living Standards in AfricaSahn, David E.; Stifel, David C.
2006 Labor market dynamics in Romania during a period of economic liberalizationDostie, BenoƮt; Sahn, David E.
2007 Inequality and poverty in Africa in an era of globalization: Looking beyond income to health and educationSahn, David E.; Younger, Stephen D.
2014 Household Shocks and Education Investment in MadagascarGlick, Peter; Sahn, David E.; Walker, Thomas F.
2015 The Role of Education and Family Background in Marriage, Childbearing and Labor Market Participation in SenegalMarchetta, Francesca; Sahn, David E.
2015 The Impact of Early Childbearing on Schooling and Cognitive Skills among Young Women in MadagascarHerrera, Catalina; Sahn, David E.
2015 Schooling, Marriage and Age of First Birth in MadagascarGlick, Peter; Handy, Christopher; Sahn, David E.
2016 Labor Outcomes during the Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood: The Role of Personality, Cognition, and Shocks in MadagascarSahn, David E.; Villa, Kira M.
2016 Teen Fertility and Labor Market Segmentation: Evidence from MadagascarHerrera, Catalina; Sahn, David E.; Villa, Kira M.
2018 Early Life Determinants of Cognitive Ability: A Comparative Study on Madagascar and SenegalKaila, Heidi; Sahn, David E.; Sunder, Naveen
2018 Social Interactions and Stigmatized Behavior: "Donating" Blood Plasma in Rural ChinaChen, Xi; Sahn, David E.; Zhang, Xiaobo
2018 School or Work? The Role of Weather Shocks in MadagascarMarchetta, Francesca; Sahn, David E.; Tiberti, Luca