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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Eine ökonomische Nachbetrachtung der Münchner HochhausabstimmungEichhorn, Christoph; Sahm, Marco; Westermann, Frank
2005 Billige WM-Tickets dank SponsoringEichhorn, Christoph; Sahm, Marco
2006 Informative voting and the Samuelson ruleBierbrauer, Felix; Sahm, Marco
2006 Informative Voting and the Samuelson RuleBierbrauer, Felix; Sahm, Marco
2007 Why were FIFA World Cup Tickets so cheap? Monopoly Pricing, Demand Quality and Two-Sided MarketsEichhorn, Christoph; Sahm, Marco
2008 Optimal democratic mechanisms for taxation and public good provisionBierbrauer, Felix; Sahm, Marco
2010 The contest winner: Gifted or venturesome?Sahm, Marco
2011 How effective are advertising bans? On the demand for quality in two-sided media marketsGreiner, Tanja; Sahm, Marco
2014 Reason, Intuition, and TimeSahm, Marco; von Weizsäcker, Robert K.
2015 Why Firms Should Care for all ConsumersPlaner-Friedrich, Lisa; Sahm, Marco
2015 Advance-Purchase Financing of Projects with Few BuyersSahm, Marco
2015 Advance-Purchase Financing of Projects with Few BuyersSahm, Marco
2016 Advance-purchase financing of projects with few buyersSahm, Marco
2016 Asymmetric discouragement in asymmetric contestsMarch, Christoph; Sahm, Marco
2016 Why firms should care for all consumersPlaner-Friedrich, Lisa; Sahm, Marco
2016 How Effective Are Advertising Bans? On the Demand for Quality in Two-Sided Media MarketsSahm, Marco; Greiner, Tanja
2016 Asymmetric Discouragement in Asymmetric ContestsMarch, Christoph; Sahm, Marco
2017 Strategic Corporate Social ResponsibilityPlaner-Friedrich, Lisa; Sahm, Marco
2017 Sequential Round-Robin Tournaments with Multiple PrizesLaica, Christoph; Lauber, Arne; Sahm, Marco
2017 Strategic corporate social responsibilityPlaner-Friedrich, Lisa; Sahm, Marco