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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1976Externalities, Public Goods and the Generic Stucture of Pareto SetsSaari, Donald G.
1976Effective Price MechanismsSaari, Donald G.; Simon, Carl P.
1976Singularity Theory of Utility Mappings I: Degenerate Maxima and Pareto OptimaSaari, Donald G.; Simon, Carl P.
1977Apportionment Methods and the House of RepresentativesSaari, Donald G.
1979Strategic Equilibria and Decisive Set Structures for Social Choice MechanismsPackel, Edward W.; Saari, Donald G.
1980Inconsistencies of Weighted Summation Voting SystemsSaari, Donald G.
1984Random Behavior in Numerical Analysis, Decision Theory, and Macrosystems: Some Impossibility TheoremsSaari, Donald G.
1984The Source of Some Paradoxes from Social Choice and ProbabilitySaari, Donald G.
1984The Representation Problem and the Efficiency of the Price MechanismSaari, Donald G.
1985The Optimal Ranking Method is the Borda CountSaari, Donald G.
1985A Case Against Bullet, Approval and Plurality VotingSaari, Donald G.; Newenhizen, Jill Van
1986Symmetry, Voting, and Social ChoiceSaari, Donald G.
1987A Dictionary for Voting ParadoxesSaari, Donald G.
1987Is Approval Voting an 'Unmitigated Evil?' A Response to BramsSaari, Donald G.; Newenhizen, Jill Van
1987Symmetry and Extensions of Arrow's TheoremSaari, Donald G.
1987Susceptibility to ManipulationSaari, Donald G.
1988Nonlinear Dynamics Applied to Numerical Analysis and EconomicsSaari, Donald G.
1989Erratic Behavior in Economic ModelsSaari, Donald G.
1989On the Design of Complex Organizations and Distributive AlgorithmsSaari, Donald G.
1989The Borda DictionarySaari, Donald G.