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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Home goods and regional price indices: A perspective from New Economic GeographySüdekum, Jens
2001 Severance payments and firm-specific human capitalRühmann, Peter; Südekum, Jens
2002 Subsidizing education in the economic periphery: Another pitfall or regional policies?Südekum, Jens
2003 Agglomeration and Regional Unemployment Disparities: A Theoretical Analysis with Reference to the European UnionSüdekum, Jens
2004 Integration, Agglomeration and WelfarePflüger, Michael; Südekum, Jens
2004 Reforming a complicated income tax system: The political economics perspectiveBarbaro, Salvatore; Südekum, Jens
2005 The Interaction of Tax Exemptions and Individual Tax Reform PreferencesBarbaro, Salvatore; Südekum, Jens
2005 Does the Home Market Effect Arise in a Three-Country Model?Südekum, Jens
2005 Die Neue Ökonomische Geographie und Effizienzgründe für RegionalpolitikPflüger, Michael; Südekum, Jens
2005 Spezialisierung und Branchenkonzentration in Deutschland: RegionalanalyseHaas, Anette; Südekum, Jens
2006 Towards a unifying approach of the 'new economic geography'Pflüger, Michael; Südekum, Jens
2007 On pitchforks and tomahawksPflüger, Michael; Südekum, Jens
2007 National champion versus foreign takeoverSüdekum, Jens
2008 National Champion Versus Foreign TakeoverSüdekum, Jens
2008 Trade, wages, and productivityBehrens, Kristian; Mion, Giordano; Murata, Yasusada; Südekum, Jens
2008 Human capital externalities and the urban wage premium: two literatures and their interrelationsHalfdanarson, Benedikt; Heuermann, Daniel F.; Südekum, Jens
2009 Subsidizing firm entry in open economiesPflüger, Michael; Südekum, Jens
2009 Trade, wages and productivityBehrens, Kristian; Mion, Giordano; Murata, Yasusada; Südekum, Jens
2010 Dialects, cultural identity, and economic exchangeFalck, Oliver; Heblich, Stephan; Lameli, Alfred; Südekum, Jens
2010 Dialects, Cultural Identity, and Economic ExchangeSüdekum, Jens; Heblich, Stephan; Falck, Oliver; Lameli, Alfred