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2017Decomposing financial (in)stability in emerging economiesLepers, Etienne; Sánchez Serrano, Antonio
2018Approaching non-performing loans from a macroprudential angleSuarez, Javier; Sánchez Serrano, Antonio
2019Regulatory complexity and the quest for robust regulationGai, Prasanna; Kemp, Malcolm H. D.; Sánchez Serrano, Antonio; Schnabel, Isabel
2019Can ETFs contribute to systemic risk?Pagano, Marco; Sánchez Serrano, Antonio; Zechner, Josef
2020Pension schemes in the European Union: Challenges and implications from macroeconomic and financial stability perspectivesSánchez Serrano, Antonio; Peltonen, Tuomo
2020The global dimensions of macroprudential policyPortes, Richard; Beck, Thorsten; Buiter, Willem H.; Dominguez, Kathryn M.; Gros, Daniel; Gross, Christian; Kalemli-Ozcan, Sebnem; Peltonen, Tuomo; Sánchez Serrano, Antonio
2022Will video kill the radio star? Digitalisation and the future of bankingBeck, Thorsten; Cecchetti, Stephen G.; Grothe, Magdalena; Kemp, Malcolm H. D.; Pelizzon, Loriana; Sánchez Serrano, Antonio
2023Corporate credit and leverage in the EU: Recent evolution, main drivers and financial stability implicationsBeck, Thorsten; Peltonen, Tuomo; Perotti, Enrico C.; Sánchez Serrano, Antonio; Suárez, Javier
2023Stabilising financial markets: Lending and market making as a last resortBuiter, Willem H.; Cecchetti, Stephen G.; Dominguez, Kathryn M.; Sánchez Serrano, Antonio