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2020 Heating with wind: Economics of heat pumps and variable renewablesRuhnau, Oliver; Hirth, Lion; Praktiknjo, Aaron
2020 On capital utilization in the hydrogen economy: The quest to minimize idle capacity in renewables-rich energy systemsCloete, Schalk; Ruhnau, Oliver; Hirth, Lion
2020 Market-based renewables: How flexible hydrogen electrolyzers stabilize wind and solar market valuesRuhnau, Oliver
2020 Electricity balancing as a market equilibrium: Estimating supply and demand of imbalance energyEicke, Anselm; Ruhnau, Oliver; Hirth, Lion
2021 Blue hydrogen and industrial base products: The future of fossil fuel exporters in a net-zero worldCloete, Schalk; Ruhnau, Oliver; Cloete, Jan Hendrik; Hirth, Lion
2021 Phasing out coal - An impact analysis comparing five large-scale electricity market modelsPöstges, Arne; Bucksteeg, Michael; Ruhnau, Oliver; Böttger, Diana; Haller, Markus; Künle, Eglantine; Ritter, David; Schmitz, Richard; Wiedmann, Michael
2021 Storage requirements in a 100% renewable electricity system: Extreme events and inter-annual variabilityRuhnau, Oliver; Qvist, Staffan
2021 The transformation of integrated electricity and heat systems—Assessing mid-term policies using a model comparison approachBucksteeg, Michael; Wiedmann, Michael; Pöstges, Arne; Haller, Markus; Böttger, Diana; Ruhnau, Oliver; Schmitz, Richard
2021 The European Electricity Market Model EMMA - Model DescriptionHirth, Lion; Ruhnau, Oliver; Sgarlato, Raffaele
2021 Why electricity market models yield different results: Carbon pricing in a model-comparison experimentRuhnau, Oliver; Bucksteeg, Michael; Ritter, David; Schmitz, Richard; Böttger, Diana; Koch, Matthias; Pöstges, Arne; Wiedmann, Michael; Hirth, Lion
2021 Electricity balancing as a market equilibriumEicke, Anselm; Ruhnau, Oliver; Hirth, Lion
2021 How flexible electricity demand stabilizes wind and solar market values: the case of hydrogen electrolyzersRuhnau, Oliver