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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Spatial market integration and the dynamics of transaction costs in the Chinese soy bean marketBrosig, Stephan; Weitzel, Enno-Burghard; Glauben, Thomas; Poghosyan, Tigran; Rozelle, Scott
2008 A Theory of Standards-Driven Rural DevelopmentSwinnen, Johan F.M.; Rozelle, Scott; Xiang, Tao; Vandemoortele, Thijs
2009 Quality and Inclusion of Producers in Value Chains: A Theoretical NoteVandemoortele, Thijs; Rozelle, Scott; Swinnen, Johan F.M.; Xiang, Tao
2010 Food Standards and Welfare: A General Equilibrium Model with Market ImperfectionsXiang, Tao; Huang, Jikun; Kancs, D'Artis; Rozelle, Scott; Swinnen, Jo
2011 Transfer Paths and Academic Performance: The Primary School Merger Program in ChinaMo, Di; Yi, Hongmei; Zhang, Linxiu; Shi, Yaojiang; Rozelle, Scott; Medina, Alexis
2011 School Dropouts and Conditional Cash Transfers: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Rural China's Junior High SchoolsMo, Di; Yi, Hongmei; Zhang, Linxiu; Luo, Renfu; Rozelle, Scott; Brinton, Carl
2012 Poverty in China's rural areas: Temporary or chronic?Glauben, Thomas; Herzfeld, Thomas; Rozelle, Scott; Wang, Xiaobing
2012 Armut in Chinas ländlichen Räumen: Temporär oder chronisch?Glauben, Thomas; Herzfeld, Thomas; Rozelle, Scott; Wang, Xiaobing
2012 Effectiveness of provider incentives for anaemia reduction in rural China: a cluster randomised trialMiller, Grant; Luo, Renfu; Zhang, Linxiu; Sylvia, Sean; Shi, Yaojiang; Foo, Patricia; Zhao, Qiran; Martorell, Reynaldo; Medina, Alexis; Rozelle, Scott
2012 Persistent Poverty in Rural China: Where, Why, and How to Escape?Glauben, Thomas; Herzfeld, Thomas; Rozelle, Scott; Wang, Xiaobing
2012 Does it pay to be a cadre? Estimating the returns to being a local official in rural ChinaZhang, Jian; Giles, John T.; Rozelle, Scott
2013 The political economy of food pricing policy in ChinaHuang, Jikun; Yang, Jun; Rozelle, Scott
2015 The impact of conditional cash transfers on the matriculation of junior high school students into rural China's high schoolsLi, Fan; Song, Yingquan; Yi, Hongmei; Wei, Jianguo; Zhang, Linxiu; Shi, Yaojiang; Chu, James; Johnson, Natalie; Loyalka, Prashant; Rozelle, Scott
2016 Ability tracking and social capital in China's rural secondary school systemLi, Fan; Loyalka, Prashant; Yi, Hongmei; Shi, Yaojiang; Johnson, Natalie; Rozelle, Scott
2018 From quantity to quality: Delivering a home-based parenting intervention through China's family planning cadresSylvia, Sean; Warrinnier, Nele; Renfu, Luo; Yue, Ai; Attanasio, Orazio P.; Medina, Alexis; Rozelle, Scott