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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997Financial Intermediation Versus Stock Markets in a Dynamic Intertemporal ModelRovelli, Riccardo; Fulghieri, Paolo; Bhattacharya, Sudipto
1997DO trade and technology reduce asymmetries? Evidence from manufacturing industries in the EURovelli, Riccardo; Paci, Raffaele
1999Modering Financial Fragility In Transition EconomiesNilsen, Jeffrey H.; Rovelli, Riccardo
2000Investor Risk Aversion and Financial Fragility in Emerging EconomiesRovelli, Riccardo
2001Monetary Policy transmission, interest rate rules and inflation targeting in three transition countriesRovelli, Riccardo; Golinelli, Roberto
2002Monetary Policy Transmission, Interest Rate Rules and Inflation Targeting in Three Transition CountriesGolinelli, Roberto; Rovelli, Riccardo
2002Optimal Fiscal Stabilization Policy With Credible Central Bank IndependenceLambertini, Luca; Rovelli, Riccardo
2003Monetary and fiscal policy coordination and macroeconomic stabilization. A theoretical analysisLambertini, Luca; Rovelli, Riccardo
2007Labor market policies and outcomes: cross country evidence for the EU-27Rovelli, Riccardo; Bruno, Randolph Luca
2007Labor Market Policies and Outcomes: Cross Country Evidence for the EU-27Rovelli, Riccardo; Bruno, Randolph
2008Labor market policies, institutions and employment rates in the EU-27Rovelli, Riccardo; Bruno, Randolph Luca
2009Transition fatigue? Cross-country evidence from micro dataRovelli, Riccardo; Zaiceva, Anzelika
2011Two Suggestions for the Future of the EurozoneRovelli, Riccardo
2011Did growth and reforms increase citizens' support for the transition?Golinelli, Roberto; Rovelli, Riccardo
2011Individual support for economic and political changes: Evidence from transition countries, 1991-2004Rovelli, Riccardo; Zaiceva, Anzelika
2011Did Growth and Reforms Increase Citizens' Support for the Transition?Golinelli, Roberto; Rovelli, Riccardo
2013The Role of the Exchange Rate Regime in the Process of Real and Nominal ConvergenceD'Adamo, Gaetano; Rovelli, Riccardo
2013Labor Market Institutions and the Response of Inflation to Macro Shocks in the EU: A Two-Sector AnalysisD'Adamo, Gaetano; Rovelli, Riccardo
2015Labour Market Institutions and Inflation Differentials in the EUD'Adamo, Gaetano; Rovelli, Riccardo
2016Wage coordination in new and old EU member statesRovelli, Riccardo