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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Fiscal policy and inflation volatilityRother, Philipp
2005 Fiscal consolidations in the Central and Eastern European countriesAfonso, António; Nickel, Christiane; Rother, Philipp
2006 Macroeconomic implications of demographic developments in the euro areaMaddaloni, Angela; Musso, Alberto; Rother, Philipp; Ward-Warmedinger, Melanie; Westermann, Thomas
2007 What “hides” behind sovereign debt ratings?Afonso, António; Gomes, Pedro; Rother, Philipp
2007 Assessing fiscal soundness - Theory and practiceGiammarioli, Nicola; Nickel, Christiane; Rother, Philipp; Vidal, Jean-Pierre
2008 Population ageing and public pension reforms in a small open economyNickel, Christiane; Rother, Philipp; Theophilopoulou, Angeliki
2009 Fiscal variables and bond spreads: evidence from eastern European countries and TurkeyNickel, Christiane; Rother, Philipp; Rülke, Jan C.
2009 The role of fiscal transfers for regional economic convergence in EuropeChecherita-Westphal, Cristina; Nickel, Christiane; Rother, Philipp
2010 Major public debt reductions: Lessons from the past, lessons for the futureNickel, Christiane; Rother, Philipp; Zimmermann, Lilli
2010 The impact of high and growing government debt on economic growth: an empirical investigation for the euro areaChecherita-Westphal, Cristina; Rother, Philipp
2010 The impact of numerical expenditure rules on budgetary discipline over the cycleHolm-Hadulla, Fédéric; Hauptmeier, Sebastian; Rother, Philipp
2010 The benefits of fiscal consolidation in uncharted watersRother, Philipp; Schuknecht, Ludger; Stark , Jürgen
2010 Fiskalpolitik nach der KriseFuest, Clemens; Rother, Philipp; Schuknecht, Ludger; Stark, Jürgenvon Weizsäcker, Carl Christian; Flassbeck, Heiner; Spiecker, Friederike
2011 The Stability and Growth Pact: Crisis and ReformSchuknecht, Ludger; Moutot, Philippe; Rother, Philipp; Stark, Jürgen
2011 The Stability and Growth Pact - crisis and reformSchuknecht, Ludger; Moutot, Philippe; Rother, Philipp; Stark , Jürgen
2012 Debt and growth: new evidence for the euro areaBaum, Anja; Checherita-Westphal, Cristina; Rother, Philipp
2012 Fiscal sustainability using growth-maximising debt targetsChecherita-Westphal, Cristina; Hughes Hallett, Andrew; Rother, Philipp
2015 Fiscal multipliers during consolidation: evidence from the European UnionCugnasca, Alessandro; Rother, Philipp