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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2024Is Generalized Trust Stable over Time?Roth, Felix
2024Reassessing the Relationship between Trust and GrowthRoth, Felix
2022COVID-19 and Public Support for the EuroRoth, Felix; Jonung, Lars; Most, Aisada
2022The rule of law and investment in intangible capital: Evidence for the EU-16, 1996-2017Roth, Felix
2022Intangible Capital and Labor Productivity Growth – Revisiting the Evidence: An UpdateRoth, Felix
2021Intangible Capital and Labor Productivity Growth: Revisiting the EvidenceRoth, Felix; Sen, Ali
2021The Productivity Puzzle – A Critical Assessment and an Outlook on the COVID-19 CrisisRoth, Felix
2021Intangible Capital and Firm-Level Productivity – Evidence from GermanyRoth, Felix; Sen, Ali; Rammer, Christian
2021Das Produktivitätspuzzle: Eine kritische BewertungRoth, Felix
2020The contribution of intangible inputs and participation in global value chains to productivity performance – Evidence from the EU-28, 2000-2014Tsakanikas, Aggelos; Roth, Felix; Caliò, Simone; Caloghirou, Yannis; Dimas, Petros
2020After 25 Years as Faithful Members of the EU. Public Support for the Euro and Trust in the ECB in Austria, Finland and SwedenRoth, Felix; Jonung, Lars
2020After 25 years as faithful members of the EU. Public support for the euro and trust in the ECB in Austria, Finland and SwedenRoth, Felix; Jonung, Lars
2020Revisiting Intangible Capital and Labour Productivity Growth, 2000-2015: Accounting for the Crisis and Economic Recovery in the EURoth, Felix
2020Measuring organisation capital at the firm level: A production function approachRammer, Christian; Roth, Felix; Trunschke, Markus
2019Intangible Capital and Labour Productivity Growth: A Review of the LiteratureRoth, Felix
2019Public Support for the Euro and Trust in the ECB: The first two decades of the common currencyRoth, Felix; Jonung, Lars
2019Public Support for the Euro and Trust in the ECB. The First Two Decades of the Common CurrencyRoth, Felix; Jonung, Lars
2018Revisiting Public Support for the Euro, 1999-2017: Accounting for the Crisis and the RecoveryRoth, Felix; Baake, Edgar; Jonung, Lars; Nowak-Lehmann, Felicitas
2018Revisiting public support for the euro, 1999-2017: Accounting for the crisis and the recoveryRoth, Felix; Baake, E.; Jonung, Lars; Nowak-Lehmann D., Felicitas
2012Has the financial crisis eroded citizens' trust in the European Central Bank? Panel data evidence for the Euro area, 1999-2011Roth, Felix; Gros, Daniel; Nowak-Lehmann D., Felicitas