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2008Unions power, collective bargaining and optimal monetary policyFaia, Ester; Rossi, Lorenza
2009Trend Inflation and Firms Price-Setting: Rotemberg vs. CalvoAscari, Guido; Rossi, Lorenza
2009Monetary Policy, Rule-of-Thumb Consumers and External Habits: A G7 ComparisonDi Bartolomeo, Giovanni; Rossi, Lorenza; Tancioni, Massimiliano
2010Calvo vs. Rotemberg in a Trend Inflation World: An Empirical InvestigationAscari, Guido; Castelnuovo, Efrem; Rossi, Lorenza
2010Endogenous Growth, Monetary Shocks and Nominal RigiditiesAnnicchiarico, Barbara; Pelloni, Alessandra; Rossi, Lorenza
2010Limited Asset Market Participation: Does it Really Matter for Monetary Policy?Ascari, Guido; Colciago, Andrea; Rossi, Lorenza
2010Unions Power, Collective Bargaining and Optimal Monetary PolicyFaia, Ester; Rossi, Lorenza
2010Real Wage Rigidities and Disinflation Dynamics: Calvo vs. Rotemberg PricingAscari, Guido; Rossi, Lorenza
2010Monetary Policy and Automatic Stabilizers: the Role of Progressive TaxationMattesini, Fabrizio; Rossi, Lorenza
2011Endogenous Market Structures and Labor Market DynamicsColciago, Andrea; Rossi, Lorenza
2011Endogenous market structures and labour market dynamicsColciago, Andrea; Rossi, Lorenza
2011Endogenous Market Structures and Labor Market DynamicsColciago, Andrea; Rossi, Lorenza
2011Policy Games with Liquidity Constrained ConsumersAlbonico, Alice; Rossi, Lorenza
2011Limited asset market participation: does it really matter for monetary policy?Ascari, Guido; Colciago, Andrea; Rossi, Lorenza
2012Firm Entry, Endogenous Markups and the Dynamics of the Labor ShareColciago, Andrea; Rossi, Lorenza
2012Monetary Policy in a New Keynesian Model with Endogenous GrowthAnnicchiarico, Barbara; Rossi, Lorenza
2019The redistributive effects of a money-financed fiscal stimulusPunzo, Chiara; Rossi, Lorenza
2020New Firms, Capital Intensity and the Labor Share: New Theoretical and Empirical InsightsGrazzini, Jakob; Rossi, Lorenza
2020Monetary policy uncertainty and firm dynamicsFasani, Stefano; Mumtaz, Haroon; Rossi, Lorenza
2020Unemployment, firm dynamics, and the business cycleColciago, Andrea; Fasani, Stefano; Rossi, Lorenza