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1998Social cost pricing when public transport is an option valueRoson, Roberto
1999Carbon emissions trading and equity in international agreementsBosello, Francesco; Roson, Roberto
2000Joint costs in network services: The two-way problem in the case of unbalanced transport marketsRietveld, Piet; Roson, Roberto
2000Intermodality and the changing role of Nodes in transport networksRoson, Roberto; Soriani, Stefano
2001Carbon leakage in a small open economy with capital mobilityRoson, Roberto
2002Dynamic and distributional effects of environmental revenue recycling schemes: Simulations with a general equilibrium model of the Italian economyRoson, Roberto
2002Conflicting perspectives in trade and environmental negotationsBuchner, Barbara K.; Roson, Roberto
2004Economy-Wide Estimates of the Implications of Climate Change: Sea Level RiseRoson, Roberto; Bosello, Francesco; Lazzarin, Marco; Tol, Richard S.J.
2004A General Equilibrium Analysis of Climate Change Impacts on TourismBigano, Andrea; Berrittella, Maria; Roson, Roberto; Tol, Richard S.J.
2005Platform Competition with Endogenous MultihomingRoson, Roberto
2005Economy-Wide Estimates of the Implications of Climate Change: Human HealthBosello, Francesco; Roson, Roberto; Tol, Richard S.J.
2006Climate Change and Extreme Events: An Assessment of Economic ImplicationsRoson, Roberto; Calzadilla, Alvaro; Pauli, Francesco
2006Introducing Imperfect Competition in CGE Models: Technical Aspects and ImplicationsRoson, Roberto
2006Economy-Wide Estimates of the Implications of Climate Change: A Joint Analysis for Sea Level Rise and TourismBosello, Francesco; Bigano, Andrea; Roson, Roberto; Tol, Richard S.J.
2007Climate Change, Energy Demand and Market Power in a General Equilibrium Model of the World EconomyRoson, Roberto; Bosello, Francesco; Cian, Enrica De
2007The Impact of Temperature Change on Energy Demand: A Dynamic Panel AnalysisCian, Enrica De; Lanzi, Elisa; Roson, Roberto
2008The economic impact water taxes: a computable general equilibrium analysis with an international data setBerrittella, Maria; Rehdanz, Katrin; Roson, Roberto; Tol, Richard S. J.
2009Climate change feedback on economic growth: Explorations with a dynamic general equilibrium modelEboli, Fabio; Parrado, Ramiro; Roson, Roberto
2009Climate change assessment and agriculture in general equilibrium models: Alternative modeling strategiesPalatnik, Ruslana Rachel; Roson, Roberto
2020Modelling Consumption and Constructing Long-Term Baselines in Final DemandHo, Mun; Britz, Wolfgang; Delzeit, Ruth; Leblanc, Florian; Roson, Roberto; Schuenemann, Franziska; Weitzel, Matthias