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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Different Paths to Success: The Growth of the Electronics Sector in Ireland and IsraelRoper, Stephen; Frenkel, Amnon
1999 Grant Assistance and Small Firm Development in Northern Ireland and the Republic of IrelandRoper, Stephen; Hewitt-Dundas, Nola
1999 Knowledge Transfers from Multi-national Plants in Northern IrelandCrone, Mike; Roper, Stephen
2000 Location And Network Effects On Innovation Success: Evidence For Uk, German And Irish Manufacturing FirmsLove, James H.; Roper, Stephen
2001 Benchmarking Regional Innovation: A Comparison of Bavaria, Northern Ireland and the Republic of IrelandRoper, Stephen
2002 Innovation and business performance - a provisional multi-regional analysisRoper, Stephen; Smallbone, David; Vickers, Ian; North, David; Hewitt-Dundas, Nola
2002 Closing the knowledge gap in Irish manufacturing - a north-south comparisonHewitt-Dundas, Nola; Roper, Stephen
2003 Evaluating the Net Additionality of Industrial Development Assistance in IrelandHart, Mark; Lenihan, Helena; Roper, Stephen
2003 An Ex Ante Evaluation Framework for the Regional Impact of Publicly Supported R&D ProjectsRoper, Stephen; Hewitt-Dundas, Nola; Love, James H
2003 Modelling the Effects of Public Support to Small Firms in the UK - Paradise Gained?Hart, Mark; Roper, Stephen
2003 Wireless Valley, Silicon Wadi and Digital Island - Helsinki, Tel Aviv and Dublin in the ICT BoomRoper, Stephen; Grimes, Seamus
2005 Assessing the Effectiveness of Innovation Grants – Evidence from the Irish Innovation PanelRoper, Stephen; Hewitt-Dundas, Nola
2005 Cross-Border and Local Cooperation on the island of Ireland - A Behavioural PerspectiveRoper, Stephen
2008 Openness and innovation - home and export demand effects on manufacturing innovation: Panel data evidence for Ireland and SwitzerlandWoerter, Martin; Roper, Stephen
2009 From knowledge to added value: A comparative, panel-data analysis of the innovation value chain in Irish and Swiss manufacturing firmsRoper, Stephen; Arvanitis, Spyros