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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Are Expectations Formed by the Anchoring-and-adjustment Heuristic? – An Experimental InvestigationRoos, Michael W. M.; Luhan, Wolfgang J.
2008 As if or What? – Expectations and Optimization in a Simple Macroeconomic EnvironmentRoos, Michael W. M.; Luhan, Wolfgang J.
2008 Die Neue Außenhandelstheorie und die Neue Ökonomische Geographie: Zum Nobelpreis an Paul R. KrugmanRoos, Michael W. M.
2010 Coordination Failure Caused by SunspotsRoos, Michael W. M.; Beugnot, Julie; Gürgüç, Zeynep; Øvlisen, Frederik R.
2011 An Experiment on Consumption Responses to Future Prices and Interest RatesLuhan, Wolfgang J.; Roos, Michael W. M.; Scharler, Johann
2011 The New Keynesian Phillips Curve with Myopic AgentsOrland, Andreas; Roos, Michael W. M.
2013 Unstructured Bargaining over an Endogenously Produced Surplus and Fairness Ideals – An ExperimentLuhan, Wolfgang J.; Poulsen, Odile; Roos, Michael W. M.
2013 Intuition and Reasoning in Choosing Ambiguous and Risky LotteriesBergheim, Ralf; Roos, Michael W. M.
2013 Price-Setting Behavior with Menu Costs – Experimental EvidenceOrland, Andreas; Roos, Michael W. M.
2014 How Do Fair Value Measurements of Financial Instruments Affect Investments in Banks?Bergheim, Ralf; Ernstberger, Jürgen; Roos, Michael W. M.
2014 Economic Beliefs and Party PreferenceRoos, Michael W. M.; Orland, Andreas
2015 The macroeconomics of radical uncertaintyRoos, Michael W. M.
2018 Values, attitudes and economic behaviorRoos, Michael W. M.
2020 POSA: Policy implementation sensitivity analysisBauermann, Tom; Roos, Michael W. M.; Schaff, Frederik
2021 Dissimilarity effects on house prices: What is the value of similar neighbours?Bonakdar, Said Benjamin; Roos, Michael W. M.