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2018Factors affecting return on deposit (ROD) of sharia banks in IndonesiaWahyudi, Sugeng; Nofendi, Deki; Robiyanto, Robiyanto; Hersugondo
2019Sharia mutual funds performance in IndonesiaRobiyanto, Robiyanto; Santoso, Michael Alexander; Ernayani, Rihfenti
2019Islamic stock market and sukuk market development, economic growth, and trade openness (the case of Indonesia and Malaysia)Muharam, Harjum; Anwar, Resi Junita; Robiyanto, Robiyanto
2020Will the winner still be the winner? A study of equity mutual fund performance in IndonesiaFrensidy, Budi; Nainggolan, Reynardo; Robiyanto, Robiyanto
2020Reputation system of C2C e-commerce, buying interest and trustKusuma, Linda; Rejeki, Sri; Robiyanto, Robiyanto; Irviana, Lala
2020Hedge effectiveness of put replication, gold, and oil on ASEAN-5 equitiesRobiyanto, Robiyanto; Nugroho, Bayu Adi; Handriani, Eka; Huruta, Andrian Dolfriandra
2021Identifying the role of gold on sustainable investment in Indonesia: The DCC-GARCH approachRobiyanto, Robiyanto; Nugroho, Bayu Adi; Huruta, Andrian Dolfriandra; Frensidy, Budi; Suyanto, Suyanto
2021A different view on ASEAN capital market integrationRobiyanto, Robiyanto; Frensidy, Budi; Setyawan, Ignatius Roni; Huruta, Andrian Dolfriandra
2022The effect of COVID-19 pandemic on corporate dividend policy in Indonesia: The static and dynamic panel data approachesTinungki, Georgina Maria; Robiyanto, Robiyanto; Hartono, Powell Gian
2023Measuring the effectiveness of ASEAN-5 initiatives from emerging market portfolio’s perspectiveRobiyanto, Robiyanto; Nugroho, Bayu Adi; Handriani, Eka; Frensidy, Budi
2023Sustainable and responsible investment dynamic cross-asset portfolioRobiyanto, Robiyanto; Huruta, Andrian Dolfriandra; Frensidy, Budi; Yuliana, Ashalia Fitri