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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995 On the efficiency of cash settlementKahn, Charles M.; Roberds, William
1996 Endogenous term premia and anomalies in the term structure of interest rates: explaining the predictability smileRoberds, William; Whiteman, Charles H.
1996 Payment system settlement and bank incentivesKahn, Charles M.; Roberds, William
1997 A general equilibrium analysis of check floatMcAndrews, James; Roberds, William
1998 Demandable debt as a means of payment: banknotes versus checksKahn, Charles M.; Roberds, William
1999 Payment intermediation and the origins of bankingMcAndrews, James; Roberds, William
1999 Real-time gross settlement and the costs of immediacyKahn, Charles M.; Roberds, William
1999 Settlement risk under gross and net settlementKahn, Charles M.; McAndrews, James; Roberds, William
2000 A theory of transactions privacyKahn, Charles M.; McAndrews, James; Roberds, William
2000 The CLS Bank: a solution to the risks of international payments settlement?Kahn, Charles M.; Roberds, William
2002 Payments settlement under limited enforcement: Private versus public systemsKahn, Charles M.; Roberds, William
2004 Money is privacyKahn, Charles M.; McAndrews, James; Roberds, William
2005 The big problem of large bills: The Bank of Amsterdam and the origins of central bankingQuinn, Stephen; Roberds, William
2005 Credit and identity theftKahn, Charles M.; Roberds, William
2006 Credit and the no-surcharge ruleMonnet, Cyril; Roberds, William
2006 An economic explanation of the early Bank of Amsterdam, debasement, bills of exchange, and the emergence of the first central bankQuinn, Stephen; Roberds, William
2008 Data breaches and identity theftRoberds, William; Schreft, Stacey L.
2008 The evolution of the check as a means of payment: A historical surveyQuinn, Stephen; Roberds, William
2010 How Amsterdam got fiat moneyQuinn, Stephen; Roberds, William
2012 The Bank of Amsterdam through the lens of monetary competitionQuinn, Stephen; Roberds, William