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2001 The Capital Structure Theory and its Practical Implications for Firm Financial Management in Central and Eastern EuropeRizov, Marian
2001 Survival and Growth of Individual Farm Enterprises in Transition Economies: Empirical Evidence from HungaryRizov, Marian; Mathijs, Erik
2002 Investment and Credit Constraints in Transition Economies: Micro Evidence from Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and RomaniaKonings, Jozef; Rizov, Marian; Vandenbussche, Hylke
2002 Budget Constraints and Profitability: Evidence from a Transition EconomyRizov, Marian
2005 Human capital and the agrarian structure in transition: Micro evidence from RomaniaRizov, Marian
2007 Productivity and trade orientation in UK manufacturingRizov, Marian; Walsh, Patrick Paul
2007 The Rise of Obesity in Transition Economies: Theory and Evidence from the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring SurveyHuffman, Sonya K.; Rizov, Marian
2010 Is there a rural-urban divide? Location and productivity of UK manufacturingRizov, Marian; Walsh, Paul
2011 Is there a limit to agglomeration? Evidence from productivity of Dutch firmsRizov, Marian; Oskam, Arie J.; Walsh, Paul
2011 Employees’ entrepreneurial contributions to firms in Russia, 1995-2004Croucher, Richard; Rizov, Marian
2012 The Russian food, alcohol, and tobacco consumption patterns during transitionRizov, Marian; Herzfeld, Thomas; Huffman, Sonya K.
2014 The dynamics of food, alcohol and cigarette consumption in Russia during transitionHerzfeld, Thomas; Huffman, Sonya; Rizov, Marian
2014 Food security and household consumption patterns in SlovakiaRizov, Marian; Cupak, Andrej; Pokrivcak, Jan
2015 Perceptions of employability among London’s low-paid: ‘Self-determination’ or ethnicity?Croucher, Richard; Ramakrishnan, Sumeetra; Rizov, Marian; Benzinger, Diana
2016 The UK national minimum wage's impact on productivityRizov, Marian; Croucher, Richard; Lange, Thomas
2016 Employment regulation and productivity: Is there a case for deregulation?Brookes, Michael; James, Philip; Rizov, Marian
2016 A vision about the farming sector’s future: What is in there for farmers in the time of the second machine age?Rizov, Marian
2018 Employment effects of CAP payments in the UK non-farm economyRizov, Marian; Davidova, Sophia; Bailey, Alastair
2018 Research Performance and the Organizational Effectiveness of UK UniversitiesCroucher, Richard; Gooderham, Paul; Rizov, Marian
2018 Revisiting the efficiency and institutions debate: The interaction of legal origins and ethnic heterogeneityBournakis, Ioannis; Christopoulos, Dimitris; Rizov, Marian