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2011A model of the EFA liabilitiesRivadeneyra, Francisco; Dissou, Oumar
2012The US-dollar supranational zero-coupon curveRivadeneyra, Francisco
2013Financial development and the volatility of incomePinheiro, Tiago; Rivadeneyra, Francisco; Teignier, Marc
2017Fintech: Is this time different? A framework for assessing risks and opportunities for central banksAaron, Meyer; Rivadeneyra, Francisco; Sohal, Samantha
2018Should the central bank issue e-money?Kahn, Charles M.; Rivadeneyra, Francisco; Wong, Tsz-Nga
2018A policy framework for e-money: A report on Bank of Canada ResearchDavoodalhosseini, Mohammad; Rivadeneyra, Francisco
2018Alternative futures for government of Canada debt managementGarriott, Corey; Lefebvre, Sophie; Nolin, Guillaume; Rivadeneyra, Francisco; Walton, Adrian
2020Liquidity usage and payment delay estimates of the new Canadian high value payments systemRivadeneyra, Francisco; Zhang, Nellie
2021The positive case for a CBDCUsher, Andrew; Reshidi, Edona; Rivadeneyra, Francisco; Hendry, Scott
2021Eggs in one basket: Security and convenience of digital currenciesKahn, Charles M.; Rivadeneyra, Francisco; Wong, Tsz-Nga
2021Estimating policy functions in payments systems using reinforcement learningCastro, Pablo S.; Ajit, Desai; Du, Han; Garratt, Rod; Rivadeneyra, Francisco
2022Payment coordination and liquidity efficiency in the new Canadian wholesale payments systemRivadeneyra, Francisco; Zhang, Nellie