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2012 Fading hope in the USRitzen, Jo; Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2012 Chancengleichheit und lebenslanges Lernen: Zur Zukunft der Bildung in DeutschlandRitzen, Jo; Hinte, Holger
2012 Can the University Save Europe?Ritzen, Jo
2012 The State of University Policy for Progress in EuropeHoareau, Cécile; Ritzen, Jo; Marconi, Gabriele
2013 Equal Opportunity and Life-long Learning: The Future of Higher Education in Germany is Only Secure with Major Policy ChangesRitzen, Jo; Hoareau, Cecile
2013 Higher education and economic innovation, a comparison of European countriesHoareau, Cecile; Ritzen, Jo; Marconi, Gabriele
2013 A Vibrant European Labor Market with Full EmploymentRitzen, Jo; Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2014 Euroskepticism in the Crisis: More Mood than EconomyRitzen, Jo; Zimmermann, Klaus F.; Wehner, Caroline
2015 Happiness as a guide to labor market policyRitzen, Jo
2015 European universities during the crisis: A public policy perspective, with a brief excursion to the USRitzen, Jo
2016 In Europe we trust?Ritzen, Jo; Haas, Jasmina
2016 University autonomy: Improving educational outputRitzen, Jo
2016 Sectoral Cognitive Skills, R&D, and Productivity: A Cross-Country Cross-Sector AnalysisSasso, Simone; Ritzen, Jo
2016 A sustainable Euro area with exit optionsRitzen, Jo; Haas, Jasmina
2016 European identity and the learning unionRitzen, Jo; Haas, Jasmina; Neeleman, Annemarie; Teixeira, Pedro N.
2017 Money Counts, but So Does Timing: Public Investment and Adult CompetenciesCathles, Alison; Ritzen, Jo
2017 EU MobilityRitzen, Jo; Kahanec, Martin; Haas, Jasmina
2017 A sustainable immigration policy for the EURitzen, Jo; Kahanec, Martin
2018 Towards a European Full Employment PolicyRitzen, Jo; Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2019 Happiness as a guide to labor market policyRitzen, Jo