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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Meteorological forecasts and the pricing of weather derivativesRitter, Matthias; Mußhoff, Oliver; Odening, Martin
2012 Can the market forecast the weather better than meteorologists?Ritter, Matthias
2012 Forecast based pricing of weather derivativesHärdle, Wolfgang Karl; López-Cabrera, Brenda; Ritter, Matthias
2013 Pricing rainfall derivatives at the CMELópez Cabrera, Brenda; Odening, Martin; Ritter, Matthias
2014 Designing an index for assessing wind energy potentialRitter, Matthias; Shen, Zhiwei; López Cabrera, Brenda; Odening, Martin; Deckert, Lars
2014 Modelling spatiotemporal variability of temperatureCao, Xiaofeng; Okhrin, Ostap; Odening, Martin; Ritter, Matthias
2015 Forecasting volatility of wind power productionShen, Zhiwei; Ritter, Matthias
2015 Site assessment, turbine selection, and local feed-in tariffs through the wind energy indexRitter, Matthias; Deckert, Lars
2015 Efficiency of wind power production and its determinantsPieralli, Simone; Ritter, Matthias; Odening, Martin
2016 Neighborhood effects in wind farm performance: An econometric approachRitter, Matthias; Pieralli, Simone; Odening, Martin
2017 Estimating location values of agricultural landHelbing, Georg; Shen, Zhiwei; Odening, Martin; Ritter, Matthias
2018 Land price diffusion across borders: The case of GermanyGrau, Aaron; Odening, Martin; Ritter, Matthias
2018 What moves the German land market? A decomposition of the land rent-price ratioPlogmann, Jana; Mußhoff, Oliver; Odening, Martin; Ritter, Matthias
2018 The spatial and temporal diffusion of agricultural land pricesYang, Xinyue; Odening, Martin; Ritter, Matthias
2019 The impact of production intensity on agricultural land pricesGrau, Aaron; Jasic, Svetlana; Ritter, Matthias; Odening, Martin
2019 Revisiting the relationship between land price and parcel sizeRitter, Matthias; Hüttel, Silke; Odening, Martin; Seifert, Stefan
2020 Farm growth and land concentrationPlogmann, Jana; Mußhoff, Oliver; Odening, Martin; Ritter, Matthias
2020 Measuring liquidity in agricultural land marketsKionka, Marlene; Odening, Martin; Plogmann, Jana; Ritter, Matthias