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1995Leading inflation indicators in Finland: pairwise analysis of Granger-causality and cointegrationRipatti, Antti
1995Relative prices and monetary policy information variables: Long run evidence from FinlandRipatti, Antti; Vilmunen, Jouko
1996Stability of the demand for M1 and harmonized M3 in FinlandRipatti, Antti
1997Inflation targeting and the role of money in a model with sticky prices and sticky moneyRipatti, Antti
1997Limited and full information estimation of the rational expectations demand for the money model: application to Finnish M1Ripatti, Antti
1998Cointegrated vector autoregressive processes with continuous structural changesRipatti, Antti; Saikkonen, Pentti
1998Demand for money in inflation-targeting monetary policyRipatti, Antti
1999On the estimation of Euler equations in the presence of a potential regime shiftSaikkonen, Pentti; Ripatti, Antti
2001Declining labour share: Evidence of a change in the underlying production technologyRipatti, Antti; Vilmunen, Jouko
2006Population ageing in a small open economy: some policy experiments with a tractable general equilibrium modelKilponen, Juha; Kinnunen, Helvi; Ripatti, Antti
2006Labour and product market competition in a small open economy – Simulation results using a DGE model of the Finnish economyKilponen, Juha; Ripatti, Antti
2016Saving Wall Street or main streetHaavio, Markus; Ripatti, Antti; Takalo, Tuomas
2016The Aino 2.0 modelKilponen, Juha; Orjasniemi, Seppo; Ripatti, Antti; Verona, Fabio
2022Public funding of banks and firms in a time of crisisHaavio, Markus; Ripatti, Antti; Takalo, Tuomas