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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 A closer look at nonparticipants during and after the Great RecessionHotchkiss, Julie L.; Pitts, M. Melinda; Rios-Avila, Fernando
2012 Unions, wage gaps, and wage dispersion: New evidence from the AmericasRios-Avila, Fernando; Hirsch, Barry T.
2012 The wage impact of undocumented workersHotchkiss, Julie L.; Quispe-Agnoli, Myriam; Rios-Avila, Fernando
2013 Feasible estimation of linear models with N-fixed effectsRios-Avila, Fernando
2014 Changes in family welfare from 1994 to 2012: A tale of two decadesHotchkiss, Julie L.; Moore, Robert E.; Rios-Avila, Fernando; Trussell, Melissa R.
2014 Family welfare and the Great RecessionHotchkiss, Julie L.; Moore, Robert E.; Rios-Avila, Fernando
2014 Unions and Economic Performance in Developing Countries: Case Studies from Latin AmericaRios-Avila, Fernando
2014 Quality of match for statistical matches using the American Time Use Survey 2010, the Survey of Consumer Finances 2010, and the annual social and economic supplement 2011Rios-Avila, Fernando
2015 On the determinants of changes in wage inequality in BoliviaCanavire-Bacarreza, Gustavo; Rios-Avila, Fernando
2015 Direct estimates of food and eating production function parameters for 2004-12 using an ATUS/CEX synthetic datasetKhitarishvili, Tamar; Rios-Avila, Fernando; Kim, Kijong
2015 Quality of match for statistical matches using the Consumer Expenditure Survey 2011 and Annual Social Economic Supplement 2011Rios-Avila, Fernando
2016 Immigrant Birthcountry Networks and Unemployment Duration: Evidence around the Great RecessionMundra, Kusum; Rios-Avila, Fernando
2016 Unemployed, now what? The effect of immigration on unemployment transitions of native-born workers in the United StatesRios-Avila, Fernando; Canavire-Bacarreza, Gustavo
2016 Simulations of employment for individuals in LIMTCP consumption-poor households in Tanzania and Ghana, 2012Masterson, Thomas; Kim, Kijong; Rios-Avila, Fernando
2016 Quality of match for statistical matches used in the development of the Levy Institute Measure of Time and Consumption Poverty (LIMTCP) for Ghana and TanzaniaRios-Avila, Fernando
2017 The Great Recession and racial inequality: Evidence from measures of economic well-beingMasterson, Thomas; Zacharias, Ajit; Rios-Avila, Fernando; Wolff, Edward N.
2017 Family welfare and the cost of unemploymentHotchkiss, Julie L.; Moore, Robert E.; Rios-Avila, Fernando
2018 Stagnating economic well-being and unrelenting inequality: Post-2000 trends in the United StatesZacharias, Ajit; Masterson, Thomas; Rios-Avila, Fernando