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1999 Trade Shocks and Macroeconomic Fluctuations in AfricaKose, M. Ayhan; Riezman, Raymond
2000 Small Countries and Preferential Trade Agreements How Severe is the Innocent Bystander Problem?Kose, M. Ayhan; Riezman, Raymond
2001 The Sources of Protectionist Drift in Representative DemocraciesLaussel, Didier; Riezman, Raymond
2002 How often are propositions on the effects of regional trade agreements theoretical curiosa and when should they guide policy?Abrego, Lisandro; Riezman, Raymond; Whalley, John
2003 Trade, Wage Gaps, and Specific Human Capital AccumulationLong, Ngo Van; Riezman, Raymond; Soubeyran, Antoine
2005 Metrics capturing the degree to which individual economies are globalizedRiezman, Raymond; Whalley, John; Zhang, Shunming
2005 Trade and the distribution of human capitalBougheas, Spiros P.; Riezman, Raymond
2006 Fixed transport costs and international tradeLaussel, Didier; Riezman, Raymond
2007 Storable Votes: Giving Voice to Minority Preferences without Sacrificing EfficiencyCasella, Alessandra; Palfrey, Thomas; Riezman, Raymond
2008 Entrepreneurship, organization capital and the evolution of the firmOshima, Atsushi; Ravikumar, B.; Riezman, Raymond
2008 Preference bias and outsourcing to market: a steady-state analysisWang, Ping; Riezman, Raymond
2009 Trade agreementsKowalczyk, Carsten; Riezman, Raymond
2009 Optimal education policies and comparative advantageBougheas, Spiros P.; Kneller, Richard Anthony; Riezman, Raymond
2010 Market entry costs, underemployment and international tradeBougheas, Spiros; Riezman, Raymond
2011 Globalization, gender and development: The effect of parental labor supply on child schoolingMarchand, Beyza Ural; Rees, Ray; Riezman, Raymond
2013 The Quantitative Importance of Openness in DevelopmentCai, Wenbiao; Ravikumar, B.; Riezman, Raymond
2013 Price equalization does not imply free tradeMutreja, Piyusha; Ravikumar, B.; Riezman, Raymond; Sposi, Michael J.
2015 The effects of cultural distance on multi-unit firmsRydzek, Benedikt; Egger, Peter; Riezman, Raymond
2015 Intermediate Goods Trade, Technology Choice and ProductivityPeng, Shin-Kun; Riezman, Raymond; Wang, Ping
2015 China's Gains from WTO Accession: Imports versus ExportsLai, Ting-Wei; Riezman, Raymond; Wang, Ping