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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997Bolivian Social Investment Fund Analysis of Baseline Data for Impact EvaluationPradhan, Menno; Rawlings, Laura; Ridder, Geert
1997Structural Aspects of the Labor Markets of Five OECD CountriesRidder, Geert; de Visser, Niels; van den Berg, Gerard
1998Combining Panel Data Sets with Attrition and Refreshment SamplesHirano, Keisuke; Imbens, Guido W.; Ridder, Geert; Rubin, Donald B.
1998On the Identification of the Censored Regression Model with a Stochastic and Unobserved TresholdRidder, Geert; van Montfort, Kees
1998Correcting for Selective Compliance in a Re-employment Bonus ExperimentBijwaard, Govert; Ridder, Geert
1999Measuring the Equilibrium Effects of Unemployment Benefits Dispersionvan Vuuren, Aico; van den Berg, Gerard J.; Ridder, Geert
1999Separations at the Firm LevelGautier, Pieter A.; van den Berg, Gerard J.; van Ours, Jan C.; Ridder, Geert
2000Fast Track or Failure: A Study of the Completion Rates of Graduate Students in Economicsvan Ours, Jan C.; Ridder, Geert
2001The singularity of the efficiency bound of the mixed proportional hazard modelRidder, Geert; Woutersen, Tiemen
2002A cross-country comparison of labor market frictionsRidder, Geert; van den Berg, Gerard J.
2002The singularity of the information matrix of the mixed proportional hazard modelRidder, Geert; Woutersen, Tiemen
2003Measuring Labor Market Frictions: A Cross-Country ComparisonRidder, Geert; van den Berg, Gerard J.
2009Estimation of nonlinear models with mismeasured regressors using marginal informationHu, Yingyao; Ridder, Geert
2009A simple GMM estimator for the semi-parametric mixed proportional hazard modelBijwaard, Govert E.; Ridder, Geert
2010The Asymptotic Variance of Semi-parametric Estimators with Generated RegressorsHahn, Jinyong; Ridder, Geert
2010Estimation of Poverty Transition Matrices with Noisy DataLee, Nayoung; Ridder, Geert; Strauss, John
2010The asymptotic variance of semi-parametric estimators with generated regressorsHahn, Jinyong; Ridder, Geert
2011Bounds on treatment effects on transitionsRidder, Geert; Vikström, Johan
2012Health, height, height shrinkage and SES at older ages: Evidence from ChinaHuang, Wei; Lei, Xiaoyan; Ridder, Geert; Strauss, John; Zhao, Yaohui
2014Complementarity and aggregate implications of assortative matching: A nonparametric analysisGraham, Bryan S.; Imbens, Guido W.; Ridder, Geert