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2017 Project-based carbon contracts: A way to finance innovative low-carbon investmentsRichstein, Jörn C.
2017 An analysis of a forward capacity market with long-term contractsBhagwat, Pradyumna C.; Marcheselli, Anna; Richstein, Jörn C.; Chappin, Emile J. L.; Vries, Laurens J. De
2017 The effectiveness of capacity markets in the presence of a high portfolio share of renewable energy sourcesBhagwat, Pradyumna C.; Iychettira, Kaveri K.; Richstein, Jörn C.; Chappin, Emile J.L.; Vries, Laurens J. De
2017 Cross-border effects of capacity mechanisms in interconnected power systemsBhagwat, Pradyumna C.; Richstein, Jörn C.; Chappin, Emile J.L.; Iychettira, Kaveri K.; Vries, Laurens J. De
2018 Renewable energy policy in the age of falling technology costsNeuhoff, Karsten; May, Nils; Richstein, Jörn C.
2018 Europe’s power system in transition: How to couple zonal and locational pricing systems?Richstein, Jörn C.; Neuhoff, Karsten; May, Nils
2018 An auction story: How simple bids struggle with uncertaintyRichstein, Jörn C.; Lorenz, Casimir; Neuhoff, Karsten
2018 Affordable electricity supply via contracts for difference for renewable energyMay, Nils; Neuhoff, Karsten; Richstein, Jörn C.
2018 Opening the black box of energy modelling: Strategies and lessons learnedPfenninger, Stefan; Hirth, Lion; Schlecht, Ingmar; Schmid, Eva; Wiese, Frauke; Brown, Tom; Davis, Chris; Gidden, Matthew; Heinrichs, Heidi; Heuberger, Clara; Hilpert, Simon; Krien, Uwe; Matke, Carsten; Nebel, Arjuna; Morrison, Robbie; Müller, Berit; Pleßmann, Guido; Reeg, Matthias; Richstein, Jörn C.; Shivakumar, Abhishek; Staffell, Iain; Tröndle, Tim; Wingenbach, Clemens
2019 CO2-Differenzverträge für innovative Klimalösungen in der IndustrieRichstein, Jörn C.; Neuhoff, Karsten
2020 The role of aggregators in facilitating industrial demand response: Evidence from GermanyStede, Jan; Arnold, Karin; Dufter, Christa; Holtz, Georg; von Roon, Serafin; Richstein, Jörn C.