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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Political Environment and Privatization PricesChong, Alberto; Riaño, Alejandro
2011 Maquiladoras and informality: A mixed blessingHeid, Benedikt; Larch, Mario; Riaño, Alejandro
2011 Exports, investment and firm-level sales volatilityRiaño, Alejandro
2012 China's pure exporter subsidiesDefever, Fabrice; Riaño, Alejandro
2013 Credit Constraints and FDI Spillovers in ChinaAgarwal, Natasha; Milner, Chris; Riaño, Alejandro
2013 China's Pure Exporter SubsidiesDefever, Fabrice; Riaño, Alejandro
2014 Gone for Good? Subsidies with Export Share Requirements in China: 2002-2013Defever, Fabrice; Riaño, Alejandro
2015 Global Engagement and Returns VolatilityGirma, Sourafel; Lancheros, Sandra; Riaño, Alejandro
2016 Protectionism through Exporting: Subsidies with Export Share Requirements in ChinaDefever, Fabrice; Riaño, Alejandro
2017 Special Economic Zones and WTO Compliance: Evidence from the Dominican RepublicDefever, Fabrice; Reyes, José-Daniel; Riaño, Alejandro; Sánchez-Martín, Miguel Eduardo
2017 Twin PeaksDefever, Fabrice; Riaño, Alejandro
2017 All These Worlds Are Yours, Except India: The Effectiveness of Export Subsidies in NepalDefever, Fabrice; Reyes, José-Daniel; Riaño, Alejandro; Varela, Gonzalo
2020 Corporate Acquisitions and Firm-Level Uncertainty: Domestic Versus Cross-Border DealsBai, Ye; Girma, Sourafel; Riaño, Alejandro
2020 Evaluating the Impact of Export Finance Support on Firm-Level Export Performance: Evidence from PakistanDefever, Fabrice; Riaño, Alejandro; Varela, Gonzalo