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2010 Into the Allocation Puzzle - A Sectoral AnalysisReinhardt, Dennis
2010 Into the allocation puzzle: A sectoral analysisReinhardt, Dennis
2011 Surfing the Capital Waves: A sector-level examination of surges in FDI inflowsDell'Erba, Salvatore; Reinhardt, Dennis
2012 International capital flows and development: Financial openness mattersReinhardt, Dennis; Ricci, Luca Antonio; Tressel, Thierry
2015 The side effects of national financial sector policies: framing the debate on financial protectionismBeck, Roland; Beirne, John; Paternò, Francesco; Peeters, Jolanda; Ramos-Tallada, Julio; Rebillard, Cyril; Reinhardt, Dennis; Weissenseel, Lisa; Wörz, Julia; Ad hoc team of the European System of Central Banks
2016 Dealing with large and volatile capital flows and the role of the IMFL´Hotellerie-Fallois, Pilar; Moreno, Pablo; Balteanu, Irina; Beirne, John; Brüggemann, Axel; Bussière, Matthieu; Estrada, Ángel; Frost, Jon; Herzberg, Valerie; Metzemakers, Paul; Reinhardt, Dennis; Broos, Menno; Ghalanos, Michalis; Kennedy, Bernard; Landbeck, Alexander; Lerner, Christina; Menezes, Paula; Schiavone, Alessandro; Tilley, Thomas; IRC Task Force on IMF issues
2016 The spillovers, interactions, and (un)intended consequences of monetary and regulatory policiesForbes, Kristin; Reinhardt, Dennis; Wieladek, Tomasz
2018 Macroprudential FX regulations: Shifting the snowbanks of FX vulnerability?Ahnert, Toni; Forbes, Kristin; Friedrich, Christian; Reinhardt, Dennis