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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 What can a New Keynesian labor matching model match?Reicher, Christopher Phillip
2009 Fiscal Taylor rules in the postwar United StatesReicher, Christopher Phillip
2009 Expectations, monetary policy, and labor markets: lessons from the Great DepressionReicher, Christopher Phillip
2010 The effects of the Coffee Trademarking Initiative and Starbucks publicity on export prices of Ethiopian coffeeArslan, Aslıhan; Reicher, Christopher Phillip
2010 Evaluating the search and matching model with sticky wagesReicher, Christopher Phillip
2010 Credit bubbles and land bubblesReicher, Christopher Phillip
2010 A frictionless model of job flows and the Beveridge CurveReicher, Christopher Phillip
2010 The relationship between oil prices and long-term interest ratesReicher, Christopher Phillip; Utlaut, Johannes Friederich
2010 The Effects of the Coffee Trademarking Initiative and Starbucks Publicity on Export Prices of Ethiopian CoffeeArslan, Aslıhan; Reicher, Christopher Phillip
2011 Matching labor's share in a search and matching modelReicher, Christopher Phillip
2011 An estimated fiscal Taylor rule for the postwar United StatesReicher, Christopher Phillip
2011 The effect of inflation on real commodity pricesReicher, Christopher Phillip; Utlaut, Johannes Friederich
2011 A simple decomposition of the variance of output growth across countriesReicher, Christopher Phillip
2011 On the neutrality of credit-driven asset bubblesReicher, Christopher Phillip
2011 A tale of two countries: A comparison of the aggregate effects of sectoral reallocation in the United States and GermanyReicher, Christopher Phillip
2011 The aggregate effects of long run sectoral reallocationReicher, Christopher Phillip
2011 Sticky wages in search and matching models in the short and long runReicher, Christopher Phillip
2011 Hiring chains and the dynamic behavior of job and worker flowsReicher, Christopher Phillip
2013 A set of estimated fiscal rules for a cross section of countries: Stabilization and consolidation through which instruments?Reicher, Christopher Phillip
2013 A note on the identification of dynamic economic models with generalized shock processesReicher, Christopher Phillip