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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997The Role of Transalpine Freight Transport in a Common European Market: Analyses and Empirical ApplicationsReggiani, Aura; Nijkamp, Peter; Bolis, Simona
1997European Freight Transport Analysis using Neural Networks and Logit ModelsReggiani, Aura; Nijkamp, Peter; Tsang, Wai Fai
1998Diagnostic Tools for Nonlinearity in Spatial Modelsde Graaff, Thomas; Florax, Raymond J.G.M.; Nijkamp, Peter; Reggiani, Aura
1998Evolutionary algorithms: Overview and applications to European transportReggiani, Aura; Nijkamp, Peter; Sabella, Enrico
1999New explanatory models for analysing spatial innovation: a comparative investigationReggiani, Aura; Sabella, E.; Nijkamp, Peter
1999A comparison of the performance of Discrete Choice Models and Biocomputing Models in Transport Systems AnalysisNijkamp, Peter; Reggiani, Aura; Sabella, E.
2001Modelling and Estimating Modal Share in European TransportRusso, Giovanni; Reggiani, Aura; Nijkamp, Peter
2001Resilience: An Evolutionary Approach to Spatial Economic SystemsReggiani, Aura; de Graaff, Thomas; Nijkamp, Peter
2002Forecasting regional labour markets in Germany: an evaluation of the performance of neural network analysisLonghi, Simonetta; Nijkamp, Peter; Reggiani, Aura; Blien, Uwe
2003Scale-Free Phenomena in Communication Networks: A Cross-Atlantic ComparisonSchintler, Laurie A.; Reggiani, Aura; Kulkarni, Rajendra; Nijkamp, Peter
2004Complex Network Phenomena in Telecommunication SystemsSchintler, Laura A.; Gorman, Sean P.; Reggiani, Aura; Patuelli, Roberto; Gillespie, Andy; Nijkamp, Peter; Rutherford, Jonathan
2005Spatial Activity and Labour Market PatternsRusso, Giovanni; Reggiani, Aura; Nijkamp, Peter
2006New Neural Network Methods for Forecasting Regional Employment: An Analysis of German Labour MarketsPatuelli, Roberto; Reggiani, Aura; Nijkamp, Peter; Blien, Uwe
2009Network Measures in Civil Air Transport: A Case Study of LufthansaReggiani, Aura; Signoretti, Sara; Nijkamp, Peter; Cento, Alessandro
2010Commuters' effect on local labour markets: A german case studyRusso, Giovanni; Nijkamp, Peter; Reggiani, Aura; Tedeschi, Federico
2011Commuter Effects on Local Labour Markets: A German Modelling StudyRusso, Giovanni; Tedeschi, Federico; Reggiani, Aura; Nijkamp, Peter
2011Regional Labour Markets and Job Accessibility in City Network Systems in GermanyReggiani, Aura; Bucci, Pietro; Russo, Giovanni; Haas, Anette; Nijkamp, Peter
2011Connectivity and Concentration in Airline Networks: A Complexity Analysis of Lufthansa's NetworkReggiani, Aura; Nijkamp, Peter; Cento, Alessandro
2012Did Zipf Anticipate Socio-Economic Spatial Networks?Reggiani, Aura; Nijkamp, Peter
2012Spatial Commuting Patterns of German Regional Labour Markets: A Sustainability PerspectiveTedeschi, Federico; Reggiani, Aura; Nijkamp, Peter