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2012 Incumbent-quality advantage and counterfactual electoral stagnation in the U.S. SenatePastine, Ivan; Pastine, Tuvana; Redmond, Paul
2017 The Gender Wage Gap in Europe: Job Preferences, Gender Convergence and Distributional EffectsRedmond, Paul; McGuinness, Seamus
2017 How Useful Is the Concept of Skills Mismatch?McGuinness, Seamus; Pouliakas, Konstantinos; Redmond, Paul
2018 Estimating the Effect of an Increase in the Minimum Wage on Hours Worked and Employment in IrelandMcGuinness, Seamus; Redmond, Paul
2019 Skills-Displacing Technological Change and Its Impact on Jobs: Challenging Technological Alarmism?McGuinness, Seamus; Pouliakas, Konstantinos; Redmond, Paul
2019 An initial evaluation of the effectiveness of Intreo activation reformsKelly, Elish; McGuinness, Séamus; Redmond, Paul; Savage, Michael; Walsh, John
2019 The impact of a change in the national minimum wage on the distribution of hourly wages and household income in IrelandRedmond, Paul; Doorley, Karina; McGuinness, Séamus
2019 The prevalence and effect on hours worked of the minimum wage in Ireland: A sectoral and regional analysisMcGuinness, Seamus; Redmond, Paul; Delaney, Judith
2019 Evaluation of the National Youthreach ProgrammeSmyth, Emer; Banks, Joanne; O'Sullivan, Jessica; MacCoy, Selina; Redmond, Paul; McGuinness, Seamus
2019 Explaining the Gender Gap in Job SatisfactionRedmond, Paul; McGuinness, Seamus
2019 Assessing the Impact of the Minimum Wage in IrelandRedmond, Paul; McGuinness, Seamus
2020 The Impact of One Parent Family Payment Reforms on the Labour Market Outcomes of Lone ParentsRedmond, Paul; McGuinness, Seamus; Keane, Claire
2020 Minimum Wage Non-Compliance: Evidence from IrelandMcGuinness, Seamus; Redmond, Paul; Delaney, Judith
2020 The Impact of a Minimum Wage Change on the Distribution of Wages and Household IncomeRedmond, Paul; Doorley, Karina; McGuinness, Seamus
2020 Minimum wage policy in IrelandRedmond, Paul
2020 The labor market in Ireland, 2000-2018Bergin, Adele; Kelly, Elish; Redmond, Paul
2021 Heterogeneous effects of a minimum wage increase on hours workedRedmond, Paul; McGuinness, Séamus
2021 A comparative assessment of minimum wage employment in EuropeRedmond, Paul; Maître, Bertrand; McGuinness, Séamus; Maragkou, Konstantina
2021 The impact of the 2016 minimum wage increase on average labour costs, hours worked and employment in Irish firmsRedmond, Paul; McGuinness, Séamus
2022 Predicting the probability of long-term unemployment and recalibrating Ireland's statistical profiling modelMcGuinness, Séamus; Redmond, Paul; Kelly, Elish; Maragkou, Konstantina