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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Productive disasters? Evidence from European firm level dataLeiter, Andrea M.; Oberhofer, Harald; Raschky, Paul A.
2007 The overprotective parent: Bureaucratic agencies and natural hazard managementRaschky, Paul A.
2007 Who is going to save us now? Bureaucrats, politicians and risky tasksRaschky, Paul A.; Weck-Hannemann, Hannelore
2007 Estimating the effects of risk transfer mechanisms against floods in Europe and USA: A dynamic panel approachRaschky, Paul A.
2007 Charity hazard : A real hazard to natural disaster insurance?Raschky, Paul A.; Weck-Hannemann, Hannelore
2008 Risikotransfersysteme für Naturkatastrophen in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz: ein theoretischer und empirischer VergleichRaschky, Paul A.; Schwindt, Manijeh; Schwarze, Reimund; Weck-Hannemann, Hannelore
2008 Aid, catastrophes and the Samaritan's DilemmaRaschky, Paul A.; Schwindt, Manijeh
2008 Estimating the option value of exercising risk-taking behavior with the hedonic market approachBorsky, Stefan; Raschky, Paul A.
2009 Corporate Demand for Insurance: An Empirical Analysis of the U.S. Market for Catastrophe and Non-Catastrophe RisksMichel-Kerjan, Erwann; Raschky, Paul A.; Kunreuther, Howard C.
2009 On the Channel and Type of International Disaster AidRaschky, Paul A.; Schwindt, Manijeh
2010 Uncertainty of Governmental Relief and the Crowding out of InsuranceRaschky, Paul A.; Schwarze, Reimund; Schwindt, Manijeh; Zahn, Ferdinand
2010 Foreign Aid and Enlightened LeadersHodler, Roland; Raschky, Paul A.
2011 Media, domocracy, and government action: Prevention vs. palliation in the time of choleraChoe, Chongwoo; Raschky, Paul A.
2011 A Spatial Econometric Analysis of Compliance with an International Environmental Agreement on Open Access ResourcesBorsky, Stefan; Raschky, Paul A.
2015 Aid on Demand: African Leaders and the Geography of China's Foreign AssistanceDreher, Axel; Fuchs, Andreas; Hodler, Roland; Parks, Bradley C.; Raschky, Paul A.; Tierney, Michael J.
2015 Ethnic Favoritism: An Axiom of Politics?De Luca, Giacomo; Hodler, Roland; Raschky, Paul A.; Valsecchi, Michele
2018 Spatial Diffusion of Economic Shocks in NetworksAmarasinghe, Ashani; Hodler, Roland; Raschky, Paul A.; Zenou, Yves
2018 Expropriations, Property Confiscations and New Offshore Entities: Evidence from the Panama PapersBayer, Ralph-C.; Hodler, Roland; Raschky, Paul A.; Strittmatter, Anthony
2018 Religiosity and Terrorism: Evidence from Ramadan FastingHodler, Roland; Raschky, Paul A.; Strittmatter, Anthony
2019 Is favoritism a threat to Chinese aid effectiveness? A subnational analysis of Chinese development projectsDreher, Axel; Fuchs, Andreas; Hodler, Roland; Parks, Bradley; Raschky, Paul A.; Tierney, Michael J.