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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Specialization in Europe and asymmetric shocks: Potential risks of EMURamos, Raúl; Clar, Miquel; Suriñach, Jordi
2004 Design of homogenous territorial units: a methodological proposalDuque, Juan Carlos; Ramos, Raúl
2004 Spanish unemployment: normative versus analytical regionalisation proceduresDuque, Juan Carlos; Ramos, Raúl
2004 Overeducation and local labour markets in SpainRamos, Raúl; Sanromá, Esteban
2005 The impact of institutions on the employment performance in European labour marketsBuscher, Herbert S.; Dreger, Christian; Ramos, Raúl; Suriñach, Jordi
2007 Job losses, outsourcing and relocation: empirical evidence using microdataArtís, Manuel; Ramos, Raúl; Suriñach, Jordi
2007 Wage flexibility and labour market institutions: a meta-analysisClar, Miquel; Dreger, Christian; Ramos, Raúl
2008 The portability of human capital and immigrant assimilation: evidence for SpainSanromá, Esteve; Ramos, Raúl
2009 Human capital spillovers, productivity and regional convergence in SpainRamos, Raúl; Suriñach, Jordi; Artís, Manuel
2009 Is the wage curve formal or informal? Evidence for ColombiaRamos, Raúl; Duque, Juan C.; Suriñach, Jordi
2009 Regional economic growth and human capital: the role of overeducationRamos, Raúl; Suriñach, Jordi; Artís, Manuel
2009 The effectiveness of regional active labour market policies to fight against unemployment: an analysis for CataloniaRamos, Raúl; Suriñach, Jordi; Artís, Manuel
2009 Immigrant wages in the Spanish labour market: does the origin of human capital matter?Sanromá, Esteban; Ramos, Raúl; Simón, Hipólito
2014 Public-Private Sector Wage Differentials by Type of Contract: Evidence from SpainRamos, Raúl; Sanromá, Esteban; Simón Pérez, Hipólito J.