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1992 Soft budget constraints: An institutional interpretation of stylised facts in economic transformation in Central Eastern EuropeRaiser, Martin
1993 Old habits die hard: A note on the nature of the crisis in Central Eastern EuropeRaiser, Martin
1993 Output decline and recovery in Central Europe: the role of incentives before, during and after privatisationRaiser, Martin; Nunnenkamp, Peter
1993 Governing the transition to a market economyRaiser, Martin
1993 The no-exit economy: Soft budget constraints and the causes of success or failure of economic reforms in developing countriesRaiser, Martin
1994 Lessons for whom, from whom? The transition from socialism in China and Central Eastern Europe comparedRaiser, Martin
1994 Ein tschechisches Wunder? Zur Rolle politikinduzierter Anreizstrukturen im TransformationsprozeßRaiser, Martin
1995 Decentralisation, autonomy and efficiency: Inconsistent reforms and enterprise performance in ChinaRaiser, Martin
1995 Industrial reforms in China: State-owned enterprises between output growth and profitability declineRaiser, Martin
1996 Labour markets in Poland and Hungary five years from the start of transition: Evidence from monthly dataBrauer, Holger; Falk, Martin; Raiser, Martin
1996 Subsidising inequality: Economic reforms, fiscal transfers and convergence across Chinese provincesRaiser, Martin
1996 How are China's state-owned enterprises doing in the 1990s? Evidence from three interior provincesRaiser, Martin
1996 Making sense of the J-curve: Capital utilisation, output, and total factor productivity in Polish industry 1990-1993Falk, Martin; Raiser, Martin; Brauer, Holger
1997 Die andere Seite Chinas: Strukturprobleme, Reformdefizite und verzögerte Aufholprozesse im chinesischen BinnenlandRaiser, Martin; Nunnenkamp, Peter
2003 Benchmarking Structural Change in TransitionRaiser, Martin; Schaffer, Mark E.; Schuchhardt, Johannes
2004 Nature's blessing or nature's curse: The political economy of transition in resource-based economiesEsanov, Akram; Raiser, Martin; Buiter, Willem
2016 Beyond convergence: Poland and Turkey en route to high incomeRaiser, Martin; Wes, Marina; Yilmaz, Ayberk
2022 China's economic transformation and poverty reduction over the years: An overviewLugo, Maria Ana; Raiser, Martin; Yemtsov, Ruslan