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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999Progressive taxes and the labour market: Is the trade-off between equality and efficiency inevitable?Røed, Knut; Strøm, Steinar
1999Relative unemployment rates and skill-biased technological changeRøed, Knut
1999Unemployment duration in a non-stationary macroeconomic environmentRøed, Knut; Zhang, Tao
2000Have the relative employment prospects for the low-skilled deteriorated after all?Røed, Knut; Nordberg, Morten
2000A note on the Weibull distribution and time aggregation biasRøed, Knut; Zhang, Tao
2000Labour market transitions and economic incentivesRøed, Knut; Zhang, Tao
2001Wage coordination and unemployment dynamics in Norway and SwedenBarkbu, Bergljot Bjørnson; Nymoen, Ragnar; Røed, Knut
2001Temporary layoffs and the duration of unemploymentRøed, Knut; Nordberg, Morten
2002The duration and outcome of unemployment spells: The role of economic incentivesRøed, Knut; Zhang, Tao
2002Unemployment duration, incentives and institutions: A micro-econometric analysis based on Scandinavian dataRøed, Knut; Jensen, Peter; Thoursie, Anna
2002Do business cycle conditions at the time of labour market entry affect future unemployment?Raaum, Oddbjørn; Røed, Knut
2003How tight is the labour market? A micro-based macro indicatorGaure, Simen; Røed, Knut
2003The effect of programme participation on the transition rate from unemployment to employmentRøed, Knut; Raaum, Oddbjørn
2005Young and out: An application of a prospects-based concept of social exclusionRaaum, Oddbjørn; Rogstad, Jon; Røed, Knut; Westlie, Lars
2005American exeptionalism in a new light: A comparison of intergenerational earnings mobility in the Nordic countries, the United Kingdom and the United StatesJäntti, Markus; Bratsberg, Bernt; Røed, Knut; Raaum, Oddbjørn; Naylor, Robin; Österbacka, Eva; Björk, Anders
2005Organisational change, absenteeism and welfare dependencyRøed, Knut; Fevang, Elisabeth
2005Time and causility: A Monte Carlo assessment of the timing-of-events approachGaure, Simen; Røed, Knut; Zhang, Tao
2007When minority labor migrants meet the welfare stateBratsberg, Bernt; Raaum, Oddbjørn; Røed, Knut
2007Marital sorting, household labor supply, and intergenerational earnings mobility across countriesBratsberg, Bernt; Raaum, Oddbjørn; Røed, Knut; Österbacka, Eva; Eriksson, Tor; Jäntti, Markus; Naylor, Robin
2007Unemployment insurance in welfare states: soft constraints and mild sanctionsRøed, Knut; Westlie, Lars