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2002 Complying with the Kyoto Protocol under uncertainty: Taxes or tradable permits?Quirion, Philippe
2002 Implementing greenhouse gas trading in Europe: Lessons from economic theory and international experiencesBoemare, Catherine; Quirion, Philippe
2002 Macroeconomic effects of an energy saving policy in the public sectorQuirion, Philippe
2003 Relative Quotas: Correct Answer to Uncertainty or Case of Regulatory CaptureQuirion, Philippe
2006 Distributional Impacts of Energy-Efficiency Certificates Vs. Taxes and StandardsQuirion, Philippe
2008 Changing the allocation rules in the EU ETS: Impact on competitiveness and economic efficiencyQuirion, Philippe; Demailly, Damien
2008 Efficiency and distributional impacts of tradable white certificates compared to taxes, subsidies and regulationsQuirion, Philippe; Giraudet, Louis-Gaëtan
2010 Agricultural insurances based on meteorological indices: realizations, methods and research agendaLeblois, Antoine; Quirion, Philippe
2010 How to design a border adjustment for the European Union emissions trading system?Monjon, Stéphanie; Quirion, Philippe
2010 Sectoral targets for developing countries: combining 'common but differentiated responsibilities' with 'meaningful participation'Hamdi-Cherif, Meriem; Guivarch, Céline; Quirion, Philippe
2011 How CO2 capture and storage can mitigate carbon leakageQuirion, Philippe; Rozenberg, Julie; Sassi, Olivier; Vogt-Schilb, Adrien
2012 Can uncertainty justify overlapping policy instruments to mitigate emissions?Lecuyer, Oskar; Quirion, Philippe
2012 Carbon Leakage and capacity-based allocations: Is the EU right?Meunier, Guy; Ponssard, Jean-Pierre; Quirion, Philippe
2014 Tradable Renewable Quota vs. Feed-In Tariff vs. Feed-In Premium under UncertaintyMarschinski, Robert; Quirion, Philippe
2014 Reaping the Carbon Rent: Abatement and Overallocation Profits in the European Cement Industry, Insights from an LMDI Decomposition AnalysisBranger, Frédéric; Quirion, Philippe
2014 Price versus Quantities versus Indexed QuantitiesBranger, Frédéric; Quirion, Philippe
2015 Modernization and innovation in the materials sector: Lessons from steel and cementNeuhoff, Karsten; Ancygier, Andrzej; Ponssard, Jean-Pierre; Quirion, Philippe; Sabio, Nagore; Sartor, Oliver; Sato, Misato; Schoop, Anne
2015 Energy Efficiency Policy with Price-quality DiscriminationNauleau, Marie-Laure; Giraudet, Louis-Gaëtan; Quirion, Philippe
2015 Modernisierung und Innovation bei CO2-intensiven Materialien: Lehren aus der Stahl- und ZementindustrieNeuhoff, Karsten; Ancygier, Andrzej; Ponssard, Jean-Pierre; Quirion, Philippe; Sabio, Nagore; Sartor, Oliver; Sato, Misato; Schoop, Anne