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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Mind the Gap: Convergence of Technology and Technology of Convergence in Italian Regions, 1982-2001Quatraro, Francesco
2008 ICT capital and service complementarities: The Italian evidenceQuatraro, Francesco
2013 Drivers of Entrepreneurship and Post-Entry Performance of Newborn Firms in Developing CountriesQuatraro, Francesco; Vivarelli, Marco
2015 Eco-innovation and firm growth: Do green gazelles run faster? Microeconometric evidence from a sample of European firmsColombelli, Alessandra; Krafft, Jackie; Quatraro, Francesco
2015 Regulatory push-pull effects on innovation: an evaluation of the effects of the REACH regulation on patents in the chemical sectorGhisetti, Claudia; Quatraro, Francesco
2015 Taxonomy of implemented policy instruments to foster the production of green technologies and improve environmental and economic performanceCrespi, Francesco; Ghisetti, Claudia; Quatraro, Francesco
2015 Key Enabling Technologies and Smart Specialization Strategies. European Regional Evidence from patent dataMontresor, Sandro; Quatraro, Francesco
2018 Growth Dynamics of Young Small Firms: Evidence from TunisiaArouri, Hassan; Ben Youssef, Adel; Quatraro, Francesco; Vivarelli, Marco
2018 The Determinants of Young Firms Growth in TunisiaArouri, Hassan; Ben Youssef, Adel; Quatraro, Francesco; Vivarelli, Marco
2019 Resilience, skill endowment and diversity: Evidence from US metropolitan areasFusillo, Fabrizio; Consoli, Davide; Quatraro, Francesco