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2003 Reputation flows: Contractual disputes and the channels for inter-firm communicationPyle, William
2005 Collective action and post-communist enterprise: the economic logic of Russia's business associationsPyle, William
2006 Sophisticated discipline in a nascent deposit market: evidence from post-communist RussiaKaras, Alexei; Pyle, William; Schoors, Koen
2007 Organized business, political regimes and property rights across the Russian FederationPyle, William
2010 The composition and interests of Russia's business lobbies: A test of Olson's "encompassing organization" hypothesisPyle, William; Solanko, Laura
2010 The effect of deposit insurance on market discipline: Evidence from a natural experiment on deposit flowsKaras, Alexei; Pyle, William; Schoors, Koen
2011 The ownership of industrial land in Russian cities: Explaining patterns of privatization across regions and firmsPyle, William
2011 A 'de Soto Effect' in Industry? Evidence from the Russian FederationPyle, William; Schoors, Koen
2016 Land rights, rental markets and the post-socialist cityscapeCastaƱeda Dower, Paul; Pyle, William
2019 Deposit insurance, market discipline and bank riskKaras, Alexei; Pyle, William; Schoors, Koen
2020 Russians' "Impressionable Years": Life Experience during the Exit from Communism and Putin-Era BeliefsPyle, William
2021 Deposit Insurance, Moral Hazard and Bank RiskKaras, Alexei; Pyle, William; Schoors, Koen