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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Informal networking and industrial life cyclesPyka, Andreas
1999 Twin-peaks: What the knowledge-based approach can say about the dynamics of the world income distributionPyka, Andreas; Kr├╝ger, Jens J.; Cantner, Uwe
1999 Innovation and sectoral employment: A trade-off between compensation mechanismsEbersberger, Bernd; Pyka, Andreas
1999 Classifying technology policy from an evolutionary perspectiveCantner, Uwe; Pyka, Andreas
2001 The self-organisation of strategic alliancesPyka, Andreas; Windrum, Paul
2001 An evolutionary approach to the theory of entrepreneurshipGrebel, Thomas; Pyka, Andreas; Hanusch, Horst
2001 Innovation networks in the biotechnology-based sectorsPyka, Andreas; Saviotti, Paolo
2003 Product Innovation and Population Dynamics in the German Insurance MarketMenhart, Michael; Pyka, Andreas; Ebersberger, Bernd; Hanusch, Horst
2003 Agent-based modelling : a methodology for the analysis of qualitative development processesPyka, Andreas; Grebel, Thomas
2003 A Conceptual Framework to Model Long-Run Qualitative Change in the Energy SystemHanusch, Horst; Ebersberger, Bernd; Pyka, Andreas
2004 Why do firms co-operate for innovation? : A comparison of Austrian and Finnish CIS 3 resultsDachs, Bernhard; Ebersberger, Bernd; Pyka, Andreas
2004 Simulating knowledge dynamics in innovation networks (SKIN)Ahrweiler, Petra; Pyka, Andreas; Gilbert, Nigel
2005 Agent-Based Modelling: A Methodology for Neo-Schumpeterian EconomicsPyka, Andreas; Fagiolo, Giorgio
2005 Principles of Neo-Schumpeterian EconomicsHanusch, Horst; Pyka, Andreas
2005 Mapping National Innovation Systems in the OECD AreaBalzat, Markus; Pyka, Andreas
2006 Manifesto for Comprehensive Neo-Schumpeterian EconomicsHanusch, Horst; Pyka, Andreas
2006 Applying a comprehensive Neo-Schumpeterian approach to Europe and its Lisbon agendaHanusch, Horst; Pyka, Andreas
2006 Simulating Knowledge-Generation and -Distribution Processes in Innovation Collaborations and NetworksPyka, Andreas; Gilbert, Nigel; Ahrweiler, Petra
2009 A Neo-Schumpeterian approach towards public sector economicsHanusch, Horst; Pyka, Andreas; Wackermann, Florian
2009 Generalized barriers to entry and economic developmentSaviotti, Paolo; Pyka, Andreas