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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 Pre-Industrial and Post-War Economic Development: Is There a Link?Burkett, John; Humblet, Catherine; Putterman, Louis
1997 Values and Institutions in Economic AnalysisBen-Ner, Avner; Putterman, Louis
2002 Voluntary association in public goods experiments: Reciprocity, mimicry, and efficiencyPage, Talbot; Putterman, Louis; Unel, Bulent
2002 Communication and punishment in voluntary contribution experimentsBochet, Olivier; Page, Talbot; Putterman, Louis
2003 Do non-strategic sanctions obey the law of demand? The demand for punishment in the voluntary contribution mechanismAnderson, Christopher M.; Putterman, Louis
2004 Not just babble: A voluntary contribution experiment with iterative numerical messagesBochet, Olivier; Putterman, Louis
2004 The ecology of collective action: A public goods and sanctions experiment with controlled group formationOnes, Umut; Putterman, Louis
2004 Cooperation under the threat of expulsion in a public goods experimentCinyabuguma, Matthias; Page, Talbot; Putterman, Louis
2004 Early starts, reversals and catchup in the process of economic developmentChanda, Areendam; Putterman, Louis
2004 On perverse and second-order punishment in public goods experiments with decentralized sanctioningCinyabuguma, Matthias; Page, Talbot; Putterman, Louis
2005 Can endogenously chosen institutions mitigate the free-rider problem and reduce perverse punishment?Ertan, Arhan; Page, Talbot; Putterman, Louis
2005 Communication and punishment in voluntary contribution experimentsBochet, Olivier; Page, Talbot; Putterman, Louis
2005 Social capability, history and the economies of Communist and post-Communist statesIliev, Peter; Putterman, Louis
2006 Sub-Saharan growth surprises: Geography, institutions and history in an all African data panelCinyabuguma, Matthias; Putterman, Louis
2006 Agriculture, diffusion, and development: Ripple effects of the neolithic revolutionPutterman, Louis
2006 Labor-managed firmsPutterman, Louis
2006 Trust, communication and contracts: Experimental evidenceBen-Ner, Avner; Putterman, Louis
2007 Preferences for redistribution and perception of fairness: An experimental studyDurante, Ruben; Putterman, Louis
2007 Institutions and behavior: Experimental evidence on the effects of democracyDal Bó, Pedro; Foster, Andrew; Putterman, Louis
2007 Lavish returns on cheap talk: Non-binding communication in a trust experimentBen-Ner, Avner; Putterman, Louis; Ren, Ting