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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995 Labour supply of married women in Poland: a microeconometric study based on the Polish labour force surveyPuhani, Patrick A.
1996 Public works for Poland? Active labour market policies during transitionPuhani, Patrick A.; Steiner, Viktor
1996 Poland on the dole: unemployment benefits, training, and long-term unemployment during transitionPuhani, Patrick A.
1996 Die Entwicklung der Lohnstruktur im ostdeutschen Transformationsproze├čSteiner, Viktor; Puhani, Patrick A.
1997 All Quiet on the Wage Front? Gender, Public-Private Sector Issues, and Rigidities in the Polish Wage StructurePuhani, Patrick A.
1997 Economic Restructuring, the Value of Human Capital, and the Distribution of Hourly Wages in Eastern Germany, 1990 to 1994Steiner, Viktor; Puhani, Patrick A.
1997 Foul or Fair? The Heckman Correction for Sample Selection and Its Critique. A Short SurveyPuhani, Patrick A.
1997 Employment Effects of Publicly Financed Training Programs The East German ExperienceKraus, Florian; Puhani, Patrick A.; Steiner, Viktor
1998 Advantage through training? A microeconometric evaluation of the employment effects of active labour market programmes in PolandPuhani, Patrick A.
1998 Do public works programs work? Some unpleasant results from the East German experienceKraus, Florian; Puhani, Patrick A.; Steiner, Viktor
1999 Labour Mobility - An Adjustment Mechanism in Euroland?Puhani, Patrick A.
1999 Estimating the effects of public training on Polish unemployment by way of the augmented matching function approachPuhani, Patrick A.
1999 Labour mobility - an adjustment mechanism in Euroland? Empirical evidence for Western Germany, France and ItalyPuhani, Patrick A.
2000 On th Identification of Relative Wage Rigidity Dynamics.Puhani, Patrick A.
2000 On the identification of relative wage rigidity dynamics: a proposal for a methodology on cross-section data and empirical evidence for Poland in transitionPuhani, Patrick A.
2001 Wage Rigidities in Western Germany?Puhani, Patrick A.
2001 Wage rigidities in Western Germany? Microeconometric evidence from the 1990sPuhani, Patrick A.
2002 Subject of Degree and the Gender Wage Differential Evidence from the UK and GermanyMachin, Stephen; Puhani, Patrick A.
2002 A Note on Changes in the Wage and Unemployment Structures in Spain: Evidence from the Luxembourg Income StudyPuhani, Patrick A.
2002 Immigration and Heterogeneous Labor in Western Germany: A Labor Market Classification Based on Nonparametric EstimationPuhani, Patrick A.; Fr├Âlich, Markus